We praise God that over the last ten years, the work of UFM has more than doubled in size, from 100 workers to today’s 215, plus 50 more on summer teams.

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These are not just statistics, but represent people and churches God has called to go and send. We praise God for all that he is doing through them, such as:

  • Supporting the first generation of mission workers sent from a country in East Asia
  • Reports of conversions in places like Eurasia, Greece, South East and Central Asia
  • The urban poor and vulnerable adults loved with actions and in truth in Moldova, Thailand and Brazil
  • Churches planted in France, Ireland, the Middle East and Kenya
  • The gospel shared in ‘closed access’ countries through cutting edge IT

The needs of a growing work

It’s an immense privilege for UFM to see the gospel making progress and to play its own small part in what God is doing among the nations.

As the work continues to develop, it’s worth saying that we’re not pursuing growth for its own sake.  However, we do pray daily that God would raise up workers for the harvest fields and we long to see those prayers answered!  It’s a joy therefore to see more and more people coming forward for mission service.  We’re committed to do all that we can to serve these workers and their churches well.

So far, that has involved going through a significant staff restructure, ensuring that our staff roles best reflect the growing demands of the work.  3 years ago, 9 of our 14 staff were based in Swindon.  Today our staff team is 18 strong, with 14 working in our Swindon office.

With a growing work and staff team came the need to find office premises that are better placed to facilitate the work.  Our previous office served us well for 15 years, but became simply too small, lacking sufficient office space, meeting space, parking and a staff rest area.

Where we’ve moved to

After a fairly lengthy search, God opened the door for us to purchase a purpose-built office space at Interface Business Park on the edge of Swindon in March 2020.  Located just off junction 16 of the M4, it provides all that we’d been praying for:

  • A welcoming, modern office space and a great working environment
  • Significant meeting space
  • Room for a staff rest area
  • The ability to host events
  • 20 parking spaces

The unit is just over twice the size of our previous office.  This provides us with some room to grow, as well as being a facility that we hope will be a blessing to other like-minded Christian organisations and churches for meetings and events.

Our new address

Investing our money with eternity in mind

UFM has always aimed to be light on structure, flexible in approach and diligent in minimising costs.  These principles remain, so we were delighted that following negotiation, we had an offer accepted at 34% below the asking price.  Praise God!

We’re so grateful for those who contributed financially to the first phase of the refit project and for the excellent team of volunteers who have transformed the space to suit our requirements. Phase 1 was completed in September 2020. The upstairs office space is fully functional and, as it is set up in a Covid-secure way, the staff team have really enjoyed being together.

The volunteer team will be continuing to work on the second phase of the project over the next couple of months to complete the outstanding work on the ground floor. If you have gifts in this area that you’d be willing to use, please be in touch!

We are also selling our previous premises and, praise God, have recently accepted an offer.  Once this is taken into account and allowing for the costs of moving and setting up, we’re looking to raise about £300,000

We’re praying that God might raise up a number of people who, excited by the gospel ministry of UFM, are excited to give to this need.

In Luke 16, Jesus tells the parable of the Shrewd Manager.  It’s a fascinating tale.  In this parable, we see a wasteful, dishonest manger, who surprisingly is commended by his master.  Commended though, not for being dishonest or wasteful, but for being shrewd.  For using what he had at his disposal, with the future in mind.

The application of the parable is equally striking.  Jesus is calling us to be shrewd – to invest our money with eternity in mind, that one day, we might be welcomed into heavenly dwellings by those who have heard the gospel because we invested our money in gospel ministry.

We’re praying that many might catch the gospel vision to invest in this project.  Not simply buying a building, but helping to facilitate the gospel going to the nations.

How can I get involved?

You can make a donation in the following ways:

  • Online using your credit or debit card via PayPal.

Reclaim Gift Aid

  • To avoid commission charges on large donations, please consider giving by direct bank transferemail or call us on 01793 610515 for details.
  • By cheque, made payable to ‘UFM Worldwide‘. Please post to our main office, enclosing a note giving your name and address and stating that you would like your gift to be used for the UFM office move.
  • If you pay Income Tax or Capital Gains Tax in the UK, you may wish to give under Gift Aid. This increases the value of your donations to UFM at no extra cost to yourself. Please fill in a form online or download a Gift Aid Declaration form and, once completed, return by post to our main office.
  • Alternatively, email us here anytime and we’d be delighted to share more information with you about how you can get involved practically.


Thank you so much for your partnership in the gospel.