In Other Worlds by John Wilson

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In this deeply compelling and sensitively written memoir, John Wilson draws the reader into other worlds, some of them exotic, beautiful and full of extraordinary drama. In this book you will encounter hidden valleys, ancient cultures, tribal warriors, heroic feats and the exhilaration and horror encountered when life is lived on the edge. Ultimately, however, the reader is drawn into the inner world of self-doubt, demons from the past and the longing for a significant life that marks the lives of all men and women. It is a story of beauty, unfolding throughout its pages the redemption and grace that waits on the other side of hardship.

“[In Other Worlds is] compelling, well-written, vastly entertaining, and inspiring … a fascinating look into worlds I would never have the chance to experience otherwise.”
?Anne M. Crawford, author and editor.

“As John candidly admits, he faced his own inner struggle against doubts that kept taunting, ‘You are not adequate for this. You are in over your head. Give it up and go back to Scotland.’ Believe me, this is the kind of story where reading recaptures experience.”
?Don Richardson, author

“In Other Worlds is a well-written, ‘can’t-put-down’ read that will challenge all you previously thought about missionary biographies.”
?David Marfleet, former special forces and missionary pilot.

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