We have a range of opportunities for engaging in cross-cultural mission.

Long Term

Long term missionaries are accepted for an initial 4 year term and are given opportunities for language learning and cultural adaptation.

Short Term

We are happy to receive enquiries from Christians wanting to undertake a period of short term cross cultural ministry. This covers periods from a few weeks to 2 years. Applications are considered on an individual basis.

Summer Teams

Each year summer teams go for 2-3 weeks ministry in some of the countries where we work. In recent years teams have gone to Brazil, France, Hungary, Mongolia, Spain and in the UK.

Practical Project Teams

“Operation Centurion” teams undertakes practical projects in support of national churches and Christians. Small teams of those with practical skills, and others with enthusiasm, undertake specific projects. Teams have gone to Brazil, Ivory Coast and Mongolia to help construct important facilities to assist the national Christians in their ministries.

Pastoral Training

“Barnabas Ministry” provides opportunities for UK pastors to provide training for pastors in other countries who have not been able to undertake Bible College training. Barnabas Ministry courses have been arranged in Brazil, Ivory Coast, Mongolia, SE Asia and Sierra Leone.

Medical Electives

Medical electives are arranged in missionary hospitals and community health programmes in Cameroon and Papua New Guinea.

College Placements

We are happy to assist, where possible, Bible College students planning overseas placements as part of a recognised Bible College course.