We’re happy to explore options for tailored short-term placements for any length of time from two weeks to two years.

Across UFM there are approximately 225 workers serving in 40 countries, so we’re confident there will be a ministry and location that is a great fit!

If you’re thinking about getting involved, the very best place to start is to speak with one of your church leaders. We’ll then be delighted to talk to you and your church, helping to suggest placements that best fit your gifts and current situation.

Contact us at go@ufm.org.uk with any questions.



From time to time, we hear about specific opportunities to serve cross-culturally in support of a range of missions directly or indirectly linked to UFM. These opportunities offer individuals the chance to employ specific skills, such as administration, teaching, construction, team leadership and evangelism, for a time-limited period. It’s really important to talk these over with a church leader to listen to their thoughts about your suitability.

Our current specific opportunities:

If you are interested in any of the opportunities below, please email go@ufm.org.uk