We facilitate medical placements for doctors, nurses and other health care professionals and medical elective students in a variety of gospel centred medical projects.

Medical electives  are currently available in Uganda (Kiwoko Hospital), the Ivory Coast (Ferkessedougou Baptist Hospital), Madagascar (Mandritsara Good News Hospital) and Malawi.

Students work alongside experienced doctors in the hospital and community-based projects.


“I went saying ‘I want to see what medical mission looks like before I rule it out’ but have come back challenged by the huge need, and amazed by the potential for the gospel.”

Jeremy, medical placement in Ivory Coast


There is a steady demand for medical electives and you are encouraged to make an early enquiry. Email medical@ufm.org.uk for more information, or fill out a First Contact Form using the link below.

First Contact Form

“Spiritually this had been an extraordinarily blessed and fruitful time…Seeing Christians deliver uncompromising medical and spiritual care to patients, having the Lord, His glory, His sovereignty and His love at the forefront of their minds, had really challenged me.”

Esther, medical elective student nurse in Uganda