Specific Cross-Cultural Mission Opportunities


From time to time we hear about specific opportunities to serve cross-culturally in support of a range of a missions directly or indirectly linked to UFM. These opportunities offer individuals the chance to employ specific skills, such as administration, teaching, construction, team leadership and evangelism, for a time-limited period. It’s really important to talk these over with a church leader to listen to their thoughts about your suitability.

Current opportunities:

Romania – Kairos Mission School

Kairos Mission School is looking for a volunteer for a one academic year placement, working alongside UFM mission worker, Andrew Worsop.

Tasks include:

  • Housekeeping, kitchen work & shopping
  • Limited grounds maintenance
  • Publicity (producing English Language publicity and photography, both video and written publicity);
  • Other administrative tasks

Click here for more information


Carazo Christian Academy – Nicaragua

Volunteers are required at Carazo Christian Academy in Nicaragua, working alongside UFM mission workers, Barry & Susana Davis.

The following roles are required:

  • Teaching assistants to help with computing, art, sport, music, English language and pre-school age group
  • Specialist subject teachers to help train teachers, particularly in English and sciences
  • Counselling expertise, working alongside school nurse
  • Administration and finance
  • Volunteers to teach daily Bible classes and help with outreach events to parents

For teaching and teaching assistant roles, the school is looking for a minimum of 3 months’ commitment. A greater impact is achieved if teachers/assistants can volunteer for a full school year (January to November).

For more information on the school, visit https://www.carazochristianacademy.com/cca


If you are interested in any of the above opportunities, please email go@ufm.org.uk.