Abingdon, UK:  1st July to 12th July

Training in the editing and production of audio books for use in mission evangelistic situations

Cost£320 for the equipment, plus £80 if accommodation is required

Closing date for applications: 18th May 2019

Brief Overview:

If you are being led to produce audio articles and books for training pastors or for use in mission evangelistic situations, and have ongoing spare time you can give to this valuable work, perhaps this summer team is for you.

The team at 100 Fold will train you how to prepare a script for reading, make good recordings, edit and produce good audio books. By the end of this summer team you will be ready to start recording, editing and producing quality audio books in your spare time, bringing God’s truths to people ready and eager to hear it.  We ask you then the use the kit to carry this on in you spare time as a service for our Lord.

If you can easily write and send an email, or put a picture into a document, you have the ability to learn and do the recording and editing.

Click here for more information, contact keith@100fold.org or phone 01296 422 142 to talk through the opportunity.

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