This week marks a year since we arrived in Kenya.


After finding somewhere to live, we discovered Kyuna Christian Fellowship, and sensed the Lord’s leading as Kip’ began to serve with preaching and leading there. In January, we were struck down as Bethany became seriously ill and doctors here warned that this might be the end of our time in Kenya. We wondered what the Lord was doing through this time. As we look back, we can see that God used this time to open the door for our children to go to the Kindergarten run by Mrs Ichihashi, a missionary lady whose husband ministers at our church. This led to a busy summer holiday as the children had various invitations to Birthday parties and friends’ homes. Many of these families are non-believers and we would value prayer as we seek to share our faith in Jesus. In particular, please pray for Ezra’s Sikh friend and his family, who have been keen to befriend us.

Now, we sense that the Lord is once again opening a door that will bless our children and bring more contact with non-believing families. Mrs Ichihashi has been strongly encouraging us to look at a nearby Christian school (School of the Nations) for Elijah, who is now 7. We have felt somewhat reluctant due to the school fees and the fact that we have 4 children to budget for. However, Rachel is increasingly busy with hospitality and is finding that home-schooling leaves no time for other important things, such as learning Swahili. Kip enjoys helping with home-schooling but is fully occupied with preaching and teaching the Bible. Today we had Elijah assessed at the school and were touched when the Head asked what is holding us back from enrolling him for this September. When we explained, she strongly encouraged us to enrol him and trust the Lord for provision for the years to come. She feels Elijah will benefit academically and socially, and is excited that we are a Christian family and could therefore help in the outreach of the school. Please pray for us to discern God’s will in this big decision.

Church Planting…
Our desire in coming to Kenya was to plant a church and help Christians in Kenya to follow Christ wholeheartedly. We began a Bible study in May and now have a small group of believers who come regularly, ask questions and are keen to grow in their understanding of how the whole Bible points to and is fulfilled in Christ. We had a break in August and relaunch the studies in September. Please pray for this group to grow in number, in commitment to Christ and in their desire to see this part of Nairobi reached with the gospel. We hope to start a Christianity Explored course in October for non-believers and have one friend (a Hindu-background lady) who is interested. Please pray that she and others would come, and that the Lord would use this to draw people to himself.

The Young People at Church…..
Some weeks ago, our church asked us to lead the young people in a series of Bible studies on godly relationships. About 25 teenagers have been coming, most of them from very poor and broken homes. Kip’ begins the studies by asking various questions, before looking at what the Bible says. Here are some of the questions, with the answers that were given:

Q. In your culture, what shows that you have become a man? A. Making a girl pregnant.

Q. Who gets hurt when relationships break up? A. The woman and the children. The man doesn’t get hurt unless there was no child resulting from the relationship. In that case he has nothing to show for the relationship, so he gets hurt.

Q. Girls – what kind of man are you looking for? A. Someone rich.

Q. Boys – what kind of girl are you looking for? A. Someone beautiful.

As you can see, these kids need to know Christ fully and to grow deeply in the knowledge of His life-giving word! Pray for them as they grow up in a culture that is so far from the Biblical model of relationships. Pray that they would trust in the Lord with all their hearts.

Training Ministers …
Various opportunities are opening up for Kip’ to be involved in the training of ministers and in the encouragement of other ministers in Nairobi. This month he will be teaching a group of Anglican ordinands (new ministers) in a nearby diocese. He will also be teaching at a Bible training school called iServe. Many pastors in Kenya are poorly equipped to teach the Bible –pray that the Lord would use Kip’ to help them understand and teach it better.

Thank you so much for your partnership with us. If you are on WhatsApp and would like to receive more regular video messages please let us know.

Salvation belongs to the LORD; your blessing be on your people (Psalm 3:8)

Love and prayers

Kip’ Rachel, Elijah, Ezra, Susanna and Bethany Chelashaw