UFM Connect

This is our news sheet for children (and those young at heart) in the UFM family! Each edition focuses on a different family or area of UFM.


November 2016

We are delighted to feature Dr. Becca Jones in this month’s Connect, and very grateful to her for taking me in her busy schedule to write for us.


May 2016

Meet the Skipper Family; Timothy(10), Miriam (8) and Carys (5 on 21st May), with Munchers the rabbit. They live in Barcelona, Spain with their parents Jonathan and Clare, who tell University Students there about Jesus.
Connect Issue 6

February 2016

Meet Sara and Esther Tchoumou, who live in the seaside town of Sassandra, on the South Coast of Côte d’Ivoire with their parents Yvette, who is Welsh and Fidel, who is Ivorian. The official language in the country is French.
Connect Issue 5

January 2016

Welcome to our January issue of UFM Connect! This month we are featuring Lucy Murfitt, who lives with her parents, Jason and Andrea near Manacapuru in Brazil. This is about 50 miles upstream from Manaus, at the point where the Manacapuru River flows into the Amazon River.

December 2015

Welcome to our December issue of UFM Connect! This month we are featuring the De la Hoyde family, who are getting used to life in Paris as a family. Elsa (10), Jethro (nearly 9), Zachary (7) and Owen (5), moved there from Yorkshire, with their parents Del and Laura, in July 2015 to help with church planting.
Connect Issue 3.McCleans

November 2015

Introducing the McClean family, who live in Bangkok in Thailand. Matthew is 13, Bethan is 12 and Joshua is 9 years old. Their parents, Johnny and Ann, work with international students on several university campuses and Ann also teaches in St Andrews School.
Connect Issue 2

October 2015

Meet the Clarke family, who live in Athens, Greece. Joel will be 13 on 22nd October, Hannah is 11½, Esther is 9 and Ruth is 5 years old. Their Mum and Dad are Jonathan and Dawn, who work with university students.