17th November

Moldova Steve Jackson

As the academic year gets into gear, please pray for new connections and relationships: that Christian freshers who have moved to Chișinău would find a church to settle in and that non-Christian freshers would connect with Christians and see who Jesus is through them. Pray that I’d build deep relationships with students, being a light and supporting them.

18th November

Thailand Johnny & Ann McClean

Please pray for Johnny as he travels to a nearby SE Asian country with Phil (Langham East Asia Coordinator) to lead two weeks of preaching training in two locations. Please pray for good preparation and safety in travel and that the participants will return to their churches encouraged to preach faithfully, clearly and relevantly.

19th November

Ireland Stephen & Nikki Childs

Christmas always brings extra opportunities and we would love to be in our new building in time for our carol service in December. Please pray for the remaining funds, for perseverance in finishing the building project and that it wouldn’t distract from gospel ministry. Give thanks for a good group of young people in church at the moment.

19th November

Northern Ireland UK Staff Team David Morrow & Gillian Carson

Pray for a good week of meetings for our Autumn conferences and church leaders’ meetings commencing 19 November. Pray for stamina as we travel and for encouragement as we share about the work.

19th November

Cameroon Anatole Lordon

Please pray for Anatole in the recent loss of his wife, T’éclaire Félicité, after only six months of marriage.

20th November

Ireland Huw & Alison Williams

We are encouraged by growing numbers attending Hillside but are also aware of the need for growth in fellowship, love and unity. We are therefore having a ‘Church Weekend at Home’ (24-26 November). It will be full of fellowship and fun, along with teaching on friendship. Please pray for growing love and deeper friendships across the church.

21st November

South Africa Jeremy & Janet Boddington

Please pray for us and the small team at Mercy Air, especially for individual health and for safety in flying. We have had some minor safety incidents recently, and a number of our folk are battling illnesses such as malaria. Pray for a new family coming out from Belgium for a trial working with us until Christmas.

22nd November

Ireland Seth & Jessica Lewis

We are thankful for the opportunity to hold basketball skills workshops for teens at the refugee centre, where we could share the gospel and give away graphic novels that are word-for-word scripture. Please pray for the teens who came and for their families. Pray also for our outreach in the local community, especially at Christmas.

22nd November

Eswatini Joe & Fi Northway

Please pray that the children receiving physiotherapy would physically improve but, most of all, would come to trust Jesus. Pray for their families to know the worth of their children and to want to engage in their rehabilitation. Pray too for Joe as he works in the surgical department in Siteki and helps to develop the local snake bite response service.

23rd November

Greece Jonathan & Dawn Clark

Please pray for our ongoing ‘coffee & cookies’ outreaches. We are meeting many new students who have a hunger for reality and truth. Please pray that we will be able to introduce them to Christian students for ongoing contact and conversation.

24th November

Slovenia Lydia Adams

Please pray for the students to be committed to the group and that it would be a safe place for them to grow in their faith. Pray that they would take more and more leadership of, and responsibility for, the group. Pray for us as a team to focus on Jesus and rely on him.

25th November

Kenya Grace Njuguna

Please pray for the youth that we are seeking to reach. Pray that we will lovingly reach out to them with the gospel. We have some caught up in drug and substance abuse and some have lots of material needs.

26th November

Germany Larry & Sinead Norman

Praise God that Jesus saves! Pray for us to rejoice in his salvation, and for the Spirit to spread and grow this joy among the Leipzig English Church. Pray for our witness over the Advent and Christmas season, that many would hear and believe that Jesus saves.

27th November

Brazil Marcelo & Holly Vieira

Praise God for the sweet time with family, friends, and our church in the US in September. We pray that the Lord continues to provide funds for the replacement of the roof and for our personal support. Pray for our church as we build relationships with all the new families and individuals that are becoming involved in ministry. May they know God and his grace!

28th November

Slovenia Olivia Rigby

Pray for the international students’ group: for good building of community and for Jesus to shine in our interactions. Pray for the Slovene students, that they would be passionate about sharing the gospel with their friends around Christmastime. Pray too for my language learning as I work to transition to more Slovene work than international work.

29th November

Brazil Shirley Hough Teixeira

Praise God for lots of encouragements, for new openings and contact with individuals here on the estate. Pray for gospel opportunities and that the Spirit will take the Word and produce fruit in people’s lives. Pray for those who have made commitments to be empowered to live for Christ, attracting and winning their own circles of people to Christ. We have been thrilled to hear testimonies of this already happening!

30th November

Ireland James & Julia McMaster

Praise God for the schools’ work and ask that the children and teachers, who are hearing God’s word, would have a great desire to read it for themselves.

1st December

Sierra Leone Lamin & Jayne Dumbuya

December is always busy with special Christmas activities among the children and young people we work with. It is a blessing to have so many opportunities in a Muslim-dominated country to share about the significance of Jesus’ birth. Pray that God would open spiritual eyes to the truth of who Christ is.

1st December

Spain Jonathan & Clare Skipper

Praise God for the integration of six new full-time students at IBSTE and his help in what has been a very busy start to the term. Please pray for our students’ continuing growth in faith, goodness, knowledge, self-control, perseverance, godliness, mutual affection and love that will lead them to being effective and productive in their knowledge of the Lord Jesus Christ. (2 Peter 1:5-7)

2nd December

Thailand Tom & Nerys King

Pray for wisdom as we consider our future: caring for our family and fulfilling God’s calling. Pray too for Tamar Centre as we are in the process of team discussions regarding the vision and ethos of the ministry.

2nd December

UK Andrew & Jenny Love

We praise God for Josh’s short placement with us at Tabor. Pray for him as he considers missionary service. Pray for Andrew as he seeks to plan further trips to Mozambique with EPW and especially for ‘N’ (in Mozambique) preparing to serve the Lord in the extreme north – a very unstable area. And remember Jenny in her assemblies at Llangeinor school and her regular ladies’ and toddlers’ work.

3rd December

Ireland Shaun Abrahams

Please pray for my religious work visa which is still outstanding. Pray for Anne and me as we make plans to marry on 8 January 2024, and for Anne as she says goodbye to friends and colleagues to settle in Tipperary. Pray with us about work and our ministry together.

3rd December

Moldova Maureen Wise

Pray for the plans for the fifth house to receive approval from the authorities and for the Lord to provide us with a reliable building team. Pray for the Lord to supply all our financial needs “according to his riches in glory by Christ Jesus”.

4th December

Italy Jonathan & Annette Gilmore

A sensitive process of recognising members in LifeHope is currently taking place. Also pray for the conversion of M and B, and outreach events in an old people’s home before Christmas. Pray for JD’s intentional involvement in local nurseries and a school – for meaningful interaction with students, teachers and others.

4th December

Brazil Jo McMillen

Please pray as I settle back into life in Brazil that I would reconnect well with people and know where to invest my time and energy. Pray that God would be at work in the lives of people we have contact with, particularly the kids and teens who come to Arte Vida.

5th December

J & S (Appointees)

We are thankful to God for the privilege of studying. Please pray that it would be helpful for our futures and that, in the final few weeks of this term, we would be able to balance studies, church and family life well.

5th December

Laura Danner & US staff team Brandon Nelson

Please pray for Laura, Melissa and Denise in the US office as they work through Brandon’s transition from UFM. Please also pray for Brandon and the family as they prepare to make a return to pastoral ministry in the States. Give thanks for three new long-term applications being processed for workers being sent from the States to serve in Scotland and Hungary.

6th December

Italy Giuseppe & Viviana Fortuna

We are grateful to God for many evangelistic opportunities. Several families have started asking us questions about the Bible. Please pray for them and also for our family’s economic situation.

6th December

France Deborah Prisk

Église Connexion, where I serve, has to find somewhere new to meet from January 2024. Finding somewhere for 200 people to meet regularly on a Sunday morning is not easy, not cheap, and actually needs a miracle. Please pray that God opens doors and the coffers!

7th December

Nicaragua Barry & Susana Davis

Camoapa Faith Academy’s auditorium construction is progressing well. We have been blessed by teams visiting and three current volunteers with another planned for January. Next year we will need at least six new teachers in both schools. Pray that the Lord will send the right people. We are burdened by the effect of broken families on children in the schools. Both Susana and I are having health problems.

7th December

iWitness France Phoebe Troughton

I would appreciate prayer for settling into work in the international church in Bordeaux and strengthening relationships with the family of believers there.

8th December

France Alan & Pat Davey

Thank God for our stagiaire (intern), Phoebe, for the way she has settled into the city, the church and the café project, and for her work and studies. Please pray for the approach to Christmas, for special events for children and adults, for outreach in the open air, and for the special opportunities that this season gives. Please pray for fruit.

9th December

Peru David & Bertha Barnes

Pray for David as he continues to serve in training pastors and missionaries at CTB, and for Bertha as she supports him.

10th December

Romania Andrew & Anca Arthur-Worsop

Please pray for our daughters to settle in the building with the new students, and in their school. Pray for our students to get closer to God and be willing to serve when God needs them. Pray for God to supply for our need to move to a different house.

11th December

Senegal Ténébou & Bethan Manga

Pray that our children would settle well in their new school year. In the past, it has been challenging.

11th December

Uganda Stephen & Linda Park

Please pray for finances at the hospital – costs are going up and income is decreasing, particularly through Friends of Kiwoko Hospital (UK charity). Pray for the hospital management and board as they have difficult decisions to make. Pray for the various ongoing ministries at the hospital: morning prayers; children’s work; student Bible studies; prison, ward and radio ministries etc.

12th December

France Emmanuel & Esther Durand

Emmanuel has been put forward to teach a course in the Geneva Bible Institute. A teacher is retiring. He is willing to consider the position but there are other candidates. Pray for God’s will to be done.

13th December

Greece Ellie Maffett

I am in the swing of language learning – pray on! And, as the ‘reality’ of living in Athens sets in and the honeymoon period ends, please pray for grace and patience with myself, the situation, the Lord and others. Pray too for conversation topics as the ‘easy’ topics are exhausted but the friendships (and language) are not yet deep enough for proper conversations.

14th December

Ireland Andy & Rachel Millar

Our church recently celebrated its seventh anniversary. Thank God for many blessings and growth. Pray for a new building. Pray for support for Andy to move into full-time ministry.

14th December

Moldova Ben & Esther Smith

Please continue to pray for the work of Casă Mea, for those who live in the four houses and those who work there, and for the many men and women still living in state institutions. Winters in Moldova are harsh and for many it is difficult to get by. Pray that this Christmas season would be a blessed one among our Casă Mea family.

15th December

France Paul & Abby Helms

Give thanks for the safe arrival of Paul and Abby’s twin sons, Keller and Jude.

15th December

IFES Interaction Austria Helen Seavers

Praise God for all the ways he has provided for me since I moved to Austria. Please pray for me as I continue to adjust to life here in Graz and continue to learn German. Please join me in praying that the student work in Austria continues to flourish and that the upcoming ÖSM events are successful.

16th December

France Maxime & Demelza Soumagnas

Pray for more workers to join our mission field, particularly one or two Relay workers who can serve in the Christian Union in Bordeaux. Please also pray for some experienced workers to join us in this harvest field. Pray that we would make the most of this upcoming Christmas season to preach Christ to our friends, neighbours, and students we meet.

17th December

Malawi Lee & Fai Furney

Please pray for the teenagers who are at our home every week. Pray that God would continue to grow those who come for Bible study in their knowledge, understanding, faith, hope and love. Pray too that he would open ‘blind eyes’ of those who are part of the football team.

17th December

Germany Alex & Miri Stephenson

Last year around 100 people attended our first ever Christmas service. Please pray that more people will come this year on 17 December so that more people will hear about the Saviour who was born in the city of David (Lk. 2:11).

17th December

XTRA TIMER Alan & Pauline Ashmore

Alan and Pauline served in Ivory Coast and Burkina Faso. Pray for Alan who is very unwell with cancer including in his spine. He is in a lot of pain. The pain relief is good but it is causing him to sleep a lot and he has little appetite. He has had chemotherapy and radiotherapy but may be given some radium treatment. Pray, too, for Pauline as she cares for Alan.

18th December

France Susan Gnadou-Zabo

God willing, we’ll be in Scotland in December. We hope to use this time well to reconnect with family, churches and prayer partners. Pray that this would also be a time of reflection, rest and encouragement over deep conversations with those we meet. Pray also for God’s leading and wisdom as we make important decisions.

18th December

IFES Interaction Greece George Sewall

Please continue praying for the campus outreach ministry of ‘coffee and cookies’. Pray that the students we speak with would learn about Jesus and would come to love him. Please pray for us as we continue to plan gospel-sharing events, especially that we would engage people where they are. Pray that the Lord would draw university students to him.

19th December

UK A & C

Pray for A and C as they continue their ministry.

19th December

Italy John & Anne Goodwin

Praise God for the blessing of many children in our church family. Pray for God to touch these lives with the gospel and raise up a new generation of believers. Anne has taken on a new role in Sunday school and would value prayer as she leads and seeks to equip other leaders.

19th December

Brazil Eduardo & Anna Lemos

Thank the Lord for the dear brethren praying for and supporting us. Keep praying for Anna Marzia’s arm. Pray for God’s guidance for our ministry. Thank God for the blessing we had of worshipping him with our son Riccardo as well as also having our daughter Ylenia fly to California for our first family reunion in eight years. Pray that their souls and lives would belong fully to Jesus!

20th December

Italy Andrea & Emanuela Artioli

Pray for Andrea, Emanuela and the family as they continue to serve in Italy.

20th December

North America Rebecca Hughes

Praise God for a good start to the term and a group of students who are eager to learn and grow. Please pray for my progress in Spanish. It is hard, slow work and a challenge to put in the hours of practice around my primary role, which is in English.

20th December

Central Asia Brian & Stacy

Praise God for good connections in the US with a number of people from Central Asia. Pray for openings to share Christ with them.

21st December

France Christopher & Laura de la Hoyde

Please pray for Del and Laura and their children as they continue to serve in France.

21st December

Italy Hope Garnish

Praise God for developments in various ministries in the International Church of Torino. It is particularly encouraging to see people drawing close to God as they lead and serve. Pray for more! Pray also for my studies with CCEF, that God might help me grow in faith, understanding, compassion and skills to apply his word and truth rightly while caring for women here.

22nd December

France Gethin & Katie Jones

Give thanks with us for the safe delivery of our son, Ioan, in August. Please pray with us for our new church plant, Église de la Trinité. We’re currently meeting for weekly services as a core group and hoping to find a venue and start public services in the coming months. Pray for wisdom and provision.

22nd December

Ireland David & Wilma Murphy

Continue to pray for the small group meeting in Charlestown and for David and Wilma to know the Lord’s help and provision.

22nd December

XTRA TIMER Ed & Marie Norwood

Pray for Edmund and Marie Norwood who served in Brazil before Edmund became our Irish Secretary until he retired in 1998. Pray for Edmund who is struggling with his vision. He was due to have a knee replacement but the anaesthetist said the risks of surgery outweighed the benefits due to his health problems and the strong medication he was taking. Edmund and Marie already had concerns, so accepted this as from the Lord. Pray, too, for Marie as she cares for Edmund.

23rd December

Uganda Bosco & Heidi Bukeera

Pray for Bosco and Heidi and their children as they continue their ministry in Uganda.

24th December

Barnabas Ministry Dafydd Job

Please pray for Dafydd as he continues his training and mentoring ministry.

25th December

Happy Christmas!

As we celebrate our Saviour’s birth, pray for gospel progress across the world. Pray too for our mission partners to know peace and joy, especially those who are apart from their families for the first time.

26th December

Peru/Ireland Daniel & Ellie Caballero

Pray for Daniel and Ellie as they continue their ministry.

27th December

France Rachel Horner

Please pray for me as I finish my Crosslands course over this next year and serve at my church. Please pray for energy and perseverance as I work through a French language course in preparation for moving to France in 2024.

28th December

IFES Interaction Italy Katie Bouckley

Student events are now underway with the GBU in Torino. Please pray for the Christian students as we aim for them to take on more responsibility in running the meetings and events. More personally, there have been lots of complications with my visa, so please pray for the provision of a visa for me to stay in Italy for the rest of this academic year.

28th December

France Emmanuel & Maria Hartiel

Please pray for Emmanuel and Maria as they continue to serve in Guingamp.

29th December

Togo Alex & Wijneke Kanri

We are very grateful that we have started the building work for the new Bible college. Please pray with us as we fundraise for the remaining 50% of the amount needed. Please also pray for God to raise up those who will come and study here in the future. (Ps. 127:1)

30th December

Hungary Tamàs & Berta Burjàn

Pray for Tamàs and his family as they continue in ministry.

31st December

Portugal Leonardo & Ana Moraes

Give thanks that renovation works are underway in the Sete Rios worship hall. Meanwhile, the Church of Sete Rios’ services are taking place in the German Evangelical Church of Lisbon’s building. The revitalization of the Evangelical Church of Rana is also progressing well. Pray for our son who has returned to Wales to start his law degree at Cardiff University.

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