1st March

West Africa David & Liz

We are very thankful to be back home on the field and “up to speed” again pretty quickly with many opportunities. Pray for wisdom and strength particularly as hot season comes. Please pray for God to make his Word fruitful, especially in people coming to the Saviour for the first time, and pray for our eldest two at school overseas.

1st March

Brazil Shirley Hough Teixeira

We have much to praise God for and have lots of opportunities here too. Please pray for favour and a speedy response concerning Vitoria’s citizenship application and for God’s clear guidance for us regarding our next steps especially with the Covid situation too.

2nd March

Peru Edward & Esme Zarate

Please pray for our church plant. Finally we launched the IBC Bustamante church on January 3rd. We’ve been meeting via zoom as situation with regulations and restrictions are uncertain and also have not got a building for meeting yet. Pray for a real desire to grow and mature as a church.

3rd March

South East Asia Gisli & Nora

Pray for us as counsellors, that we would hear the Lord and deal well with clients dealing with depression, anxiety, relationships, bereavement and health issues!

4th March

Ireland Shaun Abrahams

Pray for Shaun, Amy and Eden as they continue to grieve over the loss of Tania.

4th March

Ireland Huw & Alison Williams

Please pray for us in Hillside Church as we try out a new evangelistic course on Zoom in March. Its the “321 course”, introducing people to the basics of Christian belief. We will be training some church members on how to use the materials during February and then launch it online after that. Pray that we would be able to reach lots of seekers in Greystones and the surrounding area.

5th March

France Gethin Jones

Please pray for la Chapelle de Nesle in the Latin Quarter of Paris as we seek to persevere and grow in our love for the Lord, to deepen and strengthen our fellowship, and reach out to our local area with the gospel, despite the disconnectedness and struggles of the various restrictions we’re facing.

5th March

France Maxime & Demelza Soumagnas

Please pray for the Chrétiennes Engagées conference on 6 March, for the women to be strengthened to trust God in troubled times. Pray for spiritual hunger in our church, a renewed desire to read the Bible, grow in holiness and reach the lost, to the glory of God. Pray for our upcoming house move, for good relationships with new neighbours.

6th March

France Deborah Prisk

Please pray for the virtual Chrétiennes Engagées women’s conference on 6th March. The in-person conference has attracted about 250+ participants. Please pray hearts will be changed by God’s Word. Pray too for Demelza Soumagnas who is the speaker (Debs is on the organising committee), speaking on Elijah in 1 Kings 18-20, with the title “Where is your God ? A solid trust in times of crisis“

7th March

Hungary Tamas & Berta Burjan

Abigél is taking entry exams for a new school. The written part went reasonably well. I seem to have fully recovered after Covid. The church was re-opened and I preach on a regular basis, but strict rules were introduced. Many of our folks follow the service online. Berta started another job but it isn’t ideal for several reasons. Biborka is doing well.

7th March

Peru/Ireland Daniel & Ellie Caballero

Pray for Daniel and Ellie as they continue to serve in Ireland.

8th March

France Del & Laura De L Hoyde

Pray for this time of transition as – Del takes time out of eldership to recover from some difficult experiences, to recalibrate and retrain – We move closer to Paris to join a church as members for a while – pray for wisdom about houses, schools and church, and for the children in these transitions, and as we look for new financial partners in the work.

9th March

Ireland Andy & Rachel Millar

We continue to meet virtually on Sundays and Wednesdays. Every Friday we have a Zoom kids club. We produce gospel videos most weeks. Please pray for our church members, some of whom find the present situation difficult and we have had limited contact with some. Pray for our families back home. Pray that we will be able to meet again as a church soon.

10th March

Italy Hope Garnish

Praise God for continued relationships with students throughout lockdown and for the opportunities to meet up, please pray for continued depth in these relationships. Pray for guidance as we seek to encourage our believing students in sharing Jesus’ love and care with their Home Groups and as we lead our weekly events online.

11th March

Papua New Guinea Rosie Crowter

Pray for youth leaders to get going with youth groups and for greater emphasis this year on reaching and helping youth. Pray for rural training courses on God’s Word and sickness and death that they make an impact on lives and change wrong behaviour. Pray for women teaching women ‘put things right’ or ‘who is the Holy Spirit’

11th March

Italy Heledd Job

Please would you pray for members of our church here who haven’t been able to be in church in person for many months due to anxiety about COVID. Pray that as a church family we would know how to encourage and care for them.

12th March

France Emmauel & Esther Durand

Pray for Emmanuel and Esther as they continue to serve in France.

12th March

Sierra Leone James & Andrene Hayton

After some progress with new hospital management in Kamakwie Hospital, we are planning to return to Sierra Leone for a 4 week exploratory visit in April. Please pray for the hospital as they continue to try and tackle serious issues sensitively and wisely. Please pray that we would be open to God’s guidance concerning his will and plans.

12th March

Greece Tim & Nicky Sandell

Please pray for wisdom about how to best reach out, for many open doors for the gospel, and for us to follow the Spirit’s leading. Please pray for contact with many seeking students who want to find out more about Jesus. Finally, please pray for believing students to be enthusiastic, spiritually hungry and remain involved in their students’ groups.

13th March

Uganda Rebecca Jones

The elections in January were largely peaceful in the end after challenges in the lead up. Post election, there are still tensions. The opposition has rejected the results and are challenging them in court. It is unclear what their plans are if that doesn’t go their way. Pray for peace and restraint.

13th March

Ireland Seth & Jessica Lewis

We recently started an online Bible study with a small group of refugees. We pre-record short videos, because they don’t all have good internet access for video chatting. This week one lady commented: “I have been playing the video many times to understand how we can be delivered from sins and stay faithful to God.” Please pray for her, and the others as well.

13th March

Swindon UK Staff Team

Please pray for the Called to Serve event happening online on Sat 13th March, with the theme “How will they hear?  Reaching the least reached.”  Please pray that this event will be a great help and encouragement to people at various stages of considering their involvement in cross-cultural mission service.

14th March

UK Steve & Rhonda Morris

Please pray for healing for Leah’s continual headaches. Please also pray for protection and stamina for Suzie in her nursing. Amy-Ruth is teaching in Australia and Alyssa is at uni online from home. Pray for the girls to put God first in their lives.

14th March

Uganda Stephen & Linda Park

Praise God the presidential elections passed relatively peacefully mid-January; the main opposition are still planning their response, including court appeal. Continue to pray for protection for Kiwoko and Uganda from the worst of COVID. Pray for good work-ministry-home balance, and the ongoing need for a volunteer home-school teacher/mentor.

15th March

UK A & C

Pray for Amir and Connie as they continue working with a minority people group.

15th March

Kenya Laura Sanlon

I would value prayer as I look to returning to ministry in Kenya. Please pray for the ongoing ministry in Nairobi and my ministry from a distance with the ladies group and contact with my colleagues. Pray also for my continued studies in preparation for my return.

16th March

Italy Paul Chatfield

Pray for Paul as he continues to serve in Italy.

16th March

Northern Ireland UK Staff Team David Morrow & Gillian Carson

We are thankful for those who are joining each month for our Zoom prayer times. Pray for a good response to our live Irish Spring Conference on Thursday 18th March @ 8.00pm and Saturday 20th March @ 3.00pm. For details email enquiries@ufm.org.uk

17th March

France Emmanuel & Maria Hartiel

Please pray for the church AGM to take place in March, for unity and wisdom as we seek to serve and witness together. Pray for some who have distanced themselves from the church (for various reasons, some understandable for health reasons). Give thanks that Lydie’s new job is going well. Please pray for wisdom in relationships and ministry planning and for spiritual refreshing.

17th March

Ivory Coast Yvette Tchoumou

Praise God for the progression of the wall at the Bible school in Sassandra . DV by April it will be completed. Pray for Yvette as she continues her self studies towards returning to nursing, exams both practical and written possibly in April. Continue to pray for Sara and Esther with their studies and personal relationship with the Lord.

18th March

UK Lynne McLeavy

Pray for Lynne as she fosters short term and reaches out to the community in Leicester.

19th March

France Susan Gnadou-Zabo

End of January, the GBU went on their weekend away! We’re very thankful for being together, despite rigorous health regulations. It was an uplifting time! My friend F. came for the first time. Pray for her and others; may God’s Word be planted deep within us and bear fruit in our lives. Pray God would answer their questions/doubts.

19th March

Brazil Paula Harris

I am planning on leaving Brazil for good on 20th March after being here for 10 years. It’s been a time full of challenges, blessings and change as the Lord has worked in and through me. Praise God for all of this, pray for conversions still amongst the teens in the prisons, and pray for me as I leave behind people and a work that I love so much.

20th March

Nicaragua Barry & Susanna Davis

We have 10 male teachers in both schools, which we prayed for many years for God to step into the situation of an all-female school environment! We are preparing to move soon to Live in Camoapa as the primary school starts to grow. Please pray for our teachers and their total freedom to share their faith, for health and safe travel.

20th March

South Asia Merv & Kim

We pray that the Lord would deliver us from a spirit of lockdown weariness. Rather, that He would be making our hearts to rejoice in the Wonderful Works of God. That He would be readying us for renewed outreach once it is possible and preparing those people that He wants us to reach with the Glorious Gospel of our risen Christ. Especially as we come up to Easter.

21st March

Belgium Jo Lane

Thank you all for your prayers for the ministry in Brussels so far this academic year. Please pray our students continue to be motivated by reading Galatians to remain rooted in the true gospel and that this would bear much fruit. Please pray too for the organisation of our events week (22nd-26th March), that gospel proclamation will remain central to our planning.

21st March

Central Asia Ed & Katie

Praise God that they have now been able to move in to their new house in Central Asia. Pray for the regular opportunities they have to share the gospel and make disciples.

22nd March

France Ruth McGarvey

At the minute we are in the process of raising money to fix the FEU roof as it is in disrepair. We thank the Lord for all he has already provided for this project and are looking to Him to provide the remainder in the coming months.

22nd March

Slovenia Olivia Rigby

Pray for Olivia as she continues to serve in Slovenia.

23rd March

Central Asia Ben

Pray for the Lord to come through in the next few months to provide a new visa platform, a plan for medium-term ministry focuses and resolution to complexities regarding marrying the girl I am dating.

24th March

Peru David & Bertha Barnes

Pray for David and Bertha as they continue to serve in Peru.

24th March

Scotland UK Staff Team Ruairidh MacLean

Give thanks for the opportunities that Ruairidh has been having to visit churches (albeit virtually).  Pray for more such opportunities, and that they would be a blessing.  Pray that some would be stirred to further develop their interest in mission and consider whether they themselves may be called. Give thanks for and pray for those who are currently considering or exploring that possibility for themselves.

25th March

Kenya Kip & Rachel Chelashaw

We began services for the church plant, Christ Church Loresho, in November. Praise God that we have around 40 people who come, half of whom are children from the local slum. Praise God for Ephraim and Peter, who are helping with the children’s ministry. Pray for a venue, as our home is now filled to capacity, and for ongoing protection.

25th March

Senegal Tenebou & Bethan Manga

Please pray for us as we finish our bible course in the UK, and preparations to return to Senegal in the Summer, especially for our 3 children as this will be a big adjustment.

26th March

Ireland Stephen & Nikki Childs

Give thanks for those taking part in the Real Change biblical counselling course, including some non-Christians! Please pray for our church as we continue to meet online, for growth and unity. We are embarking on a building project which is already allowing more people to serve, pray for wisdom and God’s provision.

26th March

UFM Worldwide (USA) Staff Team Laura Danner

Pray for Laura as she administers UFM USA and cares for her elderly mother who lives with her. Laura has been confined to her home since March 2020 because of Covid-19 and the need to shield her mother. Pray for Laura’s son-in-law Brian as he recovers from injuries sustained in and accident at work and for his wife and Ilia and the children.

27th March

South Africa Jeremy & Janet Boddington

Please pray for Jeremy and Janet as they settle into their home and work in South Africa, for safety with COVID and in flying, and that the border restrictions do not hamper Mercy Air’s outreach too much. Also, for the Mercy Air team experiencing the frustrations of being limited in their work, yet unable to go home on furlough either.

27th March

Austria Roxanne Hall

Praise God that our Viennese international group is slowly growing in size and deeper in friendship. We have all felt hard hit by our winter lockdown, please pray that we would find joy and have courage to reach out to unbelievers. 27thMarch-1st April, we have our national training conference, Forum. Please pray for the preparations and that internationals will join.

28th March

Brazil Jo McMillen

Pray for my church, ICEV, that we would be united and be able to move forward together advancing in the gospel with everyone on board. Pray for the teens discipleship group that I will be taking over from Paula, that we would be faithful in teaching and encouraging them and have the privilege of seeing them grow and the unconverted turn to Christ.

28th March

UK Mark & Becky Pickett

Pray that we would keep our eyes fixed on Jesus as we continue to plod along during Covid lockdown. Mark’s health has not been good. He is expecting to have surgery in the spring. Please pray that he would experience the help of the Spirit to be patient and dependent on Him as he seeks to make the most of ministry opportunities.

29th March

Brazil Eduardo & Anna Lemos

Eduardo’s ministry is facing both acceptance and resistance: acceptance, as we increasingly see many thirsty for God and His Word, including newcomers; resistance as the local church has reduced his expository preaching schedule. Pray for the Lord’s lead in reaching and teaching the Word, discipling, baptising and in providing more engaged ministry partners.

31st March

XTRA Timers Keith Cornell

Pray for Keith and Paula who served for many years in church planting ministry in Brazil and then in the UK where Keith was our Youth Coordinator. In early February Keith was very ill with Covid-19 and Paula has been very unwell with multiple sclerosis. Pray for Keith to make a full recovery.

31st March

Portugal Leonardo & Ana Moraes

Pray for Leonardo and Ana as they continue to serve in Portugal.

1st April

Thailand Tom & Nerys King

Please pray for us as we continue to trust that we’ll be able to return to Thailand with new visas in the Spring.

2nd April

Italy Fiuseppe & Viviana Fortuna

Please pray that the Lord would give us more and more wisdom for guiding our children and His church. Do ask that the Lord would help us to be more aware of our sins so that we will seek greater holiness. Pray about our car, it must be repaired, but at the moment there is no possibility of us doing so.

2nd April

Ireland Josh & Alaina Richards

The Irish government has made it very difficult to obtain long-term missionary visas. Pray that the Lord will encourage Josh and Alaina and that churches and Christians in the US will catch the vision they have for their ministry and commit to support them financially.

3rd April

Romania Andrew & Anca Arthur-Worsop

Pray for Andy and Anca as they continue to serve in Romania.

3rd April

Uganda Bosco & Heidi Bukeera

Pray for a real desire for spiritual growth among those who attend Emmanuel Baptist Church. Also, pray that spiritually mature Christians would join them who could support and work alongside them in ministry.

4th April

France Emily Wright

Pray for Emily as she continues to serve in France.

6th April

Slovenia Lydia Adam

As the second semester continues pray that our regular zoom meetings would encourage and embolden students to share the gospel. This is hard in a time where human interaction is restricted. Pray that God would work in student’s hearts so they would seek Him. Pray for our team to work together well.

7th April

Italy Jonathan & Annette Gilmore

LifeHope church-plant: Praise for several new people ‘attending’ online; pray for wisdom in identifying a suitable venue to meet as soon as is appropriate; pray others might join us and strengthen the core-team. Other ministry: pray for my continued responsibilities and ministry for Acts 29 (Area Lead for SE Europe) and a growing involvement with TGC Europe.

7th April

Bulgaria Alesia Yermak

Please pray for wisdom and creativity as the team plans events for the student group; for planned evangelism training for students, to grow in confidence and skills to live out and share the gospel with their classmates, and good opportunities to witness to non-believing students in the group, for them to engaging well and that the good news of Jesus would become clear to them.

8th April

South Africa Gavin & Elaine Charlton

As Covid continues, so does the impact on rural communities. Thank God that he has provided the funds to help provide food parcels for many desperate homesteads. Thank God too for the community workers who share the gospel as they bring food to these homes. Pray that God will turn hearts to himself as people see God’s love in practical ways and hear the Good news of Jesus

8th April

Moldova/UK Ben & Esther Smith

We are enjoying our final term at Cornerstone College in the Netherlands. Praise God for his faithfulness over our two years of study. Esther is due in the middle of April, please pray for a safe arrival for the little one and for our adjustment to life as a family of four. Pray also for great wisdom from God concerning our next steps after graduation in July.

9th April

Italy Heidi Reger

We are currently trying to raise new student leaders in International Students Bucharest. Please pray for wisdom and discernment as we consider who to approach and that these students would have boldness and creativity in sharing their faith amongst their international colleagues.

10th April

Italy John & Anne Goodwin

Give thanks for steady progress towards our move to Italy, and the support and encouragement of our church family. Pray for God to give clarity as we explore possible visa routes, and also to provide as we begin support raising. Pray we’d continue to ‘walk by faith and not by sight’ as a family in this time of transition.

13th April

Thailand Ruth Duffin

Please pray for Ruth as she completes her Masters while still in the UK.

14th April

Barnabas Ministry Dafydd Job

Pray for Dafydd as he continues to serve with Barnabas Ministry.

15th April

Togo Alex & Wijneke Kanri

We praise and thank our God that we have settled back into life in Atakpame. Alexandre has started to meet (3 times a week) with the other elders from the 3 grace churches in town. Together they plan to go through the Scriptural marks of a healthy church. Pray for Gods blessing on these meetings!

16th April

Peru Charles Hart

Pray for Charles and Lindsay as they serve in a church in Arizona and for guidance concerning future ministry in Latin America.

16th April

Spain Jonathan & Claire Skipper

Please pray for the different opportunities that Jonathan is having to teach on the theology of worship, both at IBSTE and also for members of music groups from different churches across Spain. Pray that it would help people towards a broad biblical understanding of worship that would enrich their local churches.

17th April

USA Melanie Bognor

Pray for Melanie she works to support herself while she builds her support team. Pray that Christians and churches will commit to partnering with Melanie in her ministry.

17th April

France Alan & Pat Davey

Thank God that though the future is unknown to us it is not uncertain. The same Jesus who loves us and gave himself for us knows his plan, he is building his church and he cares for us. Please pray that we will live in a way that reflects this today and every day.

18th April

UK Andrew & Jenny Love

We thank God for the support that individuals have been to workers in Portugal. We praise God for the ability to support them in prayer and finance. Please pray that we would be able to visit this year. We thank God for service in Wales, and for our church Tabor Baptist. Please pray for a wedding on May 1st of a young couple in the church.

19th April

Ireland James & Julia McMaster

We would continue to ask for prayer for our daughter Hannah who is finding life to be rather a tough experience. She is really struggling in her faith and wondering if God loves her.

20th April

Croatia Daniel Brooks

Pray for Daniel as he recovers from Covid and for his future plans.

20th April

UFM Worldwide (USA) Staff Team Melissa Walker & Denise Hamilton

Pray for Melissa and Denise as they manage the day-to-day finances at the US office. Please pray especially for daily wisdom and strength as they communicate with the growing number of missionaries and donors and maintain an efficient financial administration.

21st April

Kenya Martin & Claudia Bussey

Apart from teaching The Gospels course on-line, Martin is doing further study towards a much needed book on eschatology, and transcribing and editing a series of sermons on the return of Christ and eternity. Thankfully Covid deaths remain low. Wisdom is needed as we plan a return to the UK for 4 months, from the end of April

21st April

Malawi Lee & Fai Furney

Pray for Lee and Fai as they continue to serve in Malawi.

22nd April

France Catrin Davey

Thank God for allowing us to meet again as a church and for the joy we have in meeting together. Please pray that this might continue, but also for continued protection health-wise and for wisdom. Please pray for students in France who are discouraged and struggling. May they find true hope in the gospel.

22nd April

Ireland David & Wilma Murphy

Pray for David and Wilma as they continue to serve in Ireland and in their recent loss of Wilma’s mum.

24th April

Sierra Leone Lamin & Jayne Dumbuya

We are really thankful for our home and outdoor space that enables us to extend hospitality to those who know Christ and those who don’t. Please pray that the everyday, ordinary opportunities we have to welcome others into our lives and home, would display Christian love and community, and bear faithful witness to Christ and His invitation of grace.

24th April

Brazil Marcelo & Holly Vieira

We praise the Lord that even with restrictions in place, we have not been prevented from conducting church services and Bible studies. Pray the church can serve the Lord faithfully no matter what our circumstances are. We pray particularly for the leaders of each home represented (some of them being single moms), that they will continue to mature and lead and teach their families.

25th April

Greece Jonathan & Dawn Clark

Now that exams are over we hope we might be able to get into a useful pattern of seeing students individually and in groups, and of course we long to do that face to face again! Please pray for a series of national zoom-based Bible teaching meetings aimed at encouraging students to enjoy the gospel and deliberately engage with their fellow students for the sake of the gospel.

25th April

Moldova Maureen Wise

We are full of praise and thanks to God that for very many years He has provided all that we have needed for those who live in the 4 houses. This is a secret miracle of tremendous proportions. Pray as we begin to consider a 5th house, for the Lord Himself to lead us.

26th April

Italy Alice Larke

Praise God for all the non-Christian students that are coming to our groups! Pray that God will continue to grow our Christian students in leadership of the groups and love for those coming along. Pray that we can love and know our students well.

27th April

Thailand Johnny & Ann McClean

Pray for Johnny and Ann as they continue to serve in Thailand.

28th April

Italy Andrea & Emanuela Artioli

Pray for Andrea and Emanuela as they continue to serve in Italy.

28th April

France Paul & Abby Helms

Pray for Paul and Abby and the family in their ministry in Paris during the continuing strict restrictions on daily life. Pray for the church as it seeks to reach non-Christians and build up young Christians in their faith. Pray for Abby as she continues language study and cares for the children.

29th April

Northern England & the Midlands UK Staff Team Brandon Nelson

Please pray for my family and I as we prepare to move to the US before beginning my new role as Country Director in the autumn. Amidst our normal work, we are also raising support and making preparations with a view to moving across in late summer / early autumn.

30th April

Germany Larry & Sinead Norman

Please give thanks for many students attending Leipzig English Church; pray that they will grow in their confidence in Christ to live and speak for Him. Pray, too, for the ongoing preparations for the InterAction Germany youth camp this summer; for God to provide both leaders and campers. Pray, also, for grace for Sinead and Larry as they learn how to parent Zoe.

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