1st November

Papua New Guinea Rosie Crowter

Pray as I attend leadership meetings in Australia from 1-8 November, for good learning, developing and networking. Pray for Rumginae – feels we need to continue reconciling with God and each other, and learn to work together for Jesus without tribal preferences, in love and unity. Pray for the many Christmas conventions through PNG that Jesus will be lifted up and many will put their trust in Him.

1st November

Brazil Shirley Hough Teixeira

We as a church plan to return to the community of Mariquita the first weekend of November. We hope to have a social action day, a children’s evangelistic event and a praise night. Pray for the church as we prepare and that God will prepare hearts and lives too. Pray for God’s perfect timing for me to return to the UK for home assignment and that the adoption process and house sale will soon be complete.

2nd November

Slovenia Lydia Adams

Pray for students in Slovenia to keep meeting together and to dig deeper into the Bible.  Pray for me and the team to keep going after the busyness of October.  Pray for the Revive conference; that God would equip, encourage and challenge Slovenian students as well as students from all around Europe.

3rd November

South East Europe Gisli & Nora

Pray that we would get the right people to plaster and furnish the third floor so we have a residence for students attending our training in Christian Counselling! Pray that we would learn a lot at the EDMR course that we are going to attend in Belfast in November, a course that helps clients recover from trauma! And pray that we would walk in step with the Lord in dealing with clients and village residents.

4th November

Ireland Shaun & Tania Abrahams

We are thankful for God’s grace and strength each day. Tania’s treatment had been suspended for a few weeks to allow her to recover sufficiently. This will restart in November.

4th November

Italy Heledd Job

Please pray for the meeting of the IFES Europe Young Staff Network happening in Germany 4th-8th November. One group will be finishing the network and one starting in this meeting. Pray for both groups that as we meet to listen to God’s Word together, to pray, to learn and share together that God would use this time to better equip them for the ministries that he’s called them to.

5th November

Romania Heidi Reger

During November we have two mission weeks in universities in Romania – one in Pitești and one in Timișoara. Please pray that students would be bold in inviting friends and speaking about Jesus on campus. Please pray particularly for me that I would be able to communicate with students either in the Romanian that I have learnt over the last two months or that students would know enough English to speak with me.

5th November

Central Asia Ben

Give thanks for arriving and a good start to language learning – pray for growing communion with God, witness that is bold but sensitive to security concerns (I’m bad at remembering), growth in prayerfulness and not idolising language learning!

6th November

Nicaragua Barry & Susana Davis

Give thanks for a good response to the many deputation meetings during October. Pray as Barry and Susana return to Nicaragua on 6th November.

6th November

France Emmanuel & Maria Hartiel

Please pray for renewed strength after a difficult few months. Early September Emmanuel and Maria left the same day to visit their mothers who were ill (one in eastern France, the other in Wales). Emmanuel’s mother has since been hospitalised and Maria’s mother passed away. Please pray for us and the church as we get back to a more normal programme and as we get used to the Dilworths not being here. Remember outeach in central Brittany.

6th November

Ireland Andrew & Rachel Millar

Thank God that Rachel has found a part time job already and is really enjoying it. Andy is still working in Galway. Pray for a few kids clubs we will be doing, the amazing journey in November in a local school and other outreach opportunities we are considering. Andy is helping with the music and preaching and Rachel with the kids and finances. Pray for church growth in numbers and depth. Thanks to all who have supported us so far.

7th November

Eurasia Peter

Please pray for me as I settle into a new city. For good team relationships, new friendships and figuring out how to live here. As our English conversation clubs with students return, pray that the students coming along would be able and willing to see and hear something of the Gospel of Christ.

7th November

UK A & C

In October we baptised 20 people, some of them waited over 10 years for baptism. Please pray for them for the protection of God. Pray for us as we serve them with God’s wisdom and fresh anointing. Pray for freedom in ‘I’ as people who are living inside the country are under a lot of economic and political pressure from the government.

8th November

Mission workers in restricted countries

Please pray for our missionaries in difficult circumstances.

9th November

Uganda Stephen & Linda Park

Praise God for the past 4 months in Ireland, including special times with family and friends, and many opportunities to share about Kiwoko and us. Pray for our return travel, which commences on 9th November, and rapid readjustment to life in Kiwoko. Lauren Baird will join us in mid-November to home-school the boys – thank God for her willingness to come, and pray for practicalities including travel, visa application etc.

9th November

UK Home Staff – Scotland Iain Cameron

Please pray for the UFM Prayer Day at UFM Glasgow Office, 11 Newton Place, Glasgow, G3 7PR on Saturday 9 November from 10am to 12.15pm.

10th November

Italy Alice Larke

Praise God for all the international students he is bringing to our international student group from closed countries. Praise God that they have an interest in Jesus. Pray for the Lord to reveal himself to these students. Our Christian students have been asking how they can best share Jesus with these non-Christian students. Pray that God works through us as we equip our Christian students in evangelism.

10th November

Spain Jonathan & Clare Skipper

Please pray for the tense political situation in Catalonia, coinciding with general elections in Spain on November 10th. Thank God for the commitment and enthusiasm of the new students at IBSTE, and pray for Jonathan as he prepares the theology of worship class, due to begin in December. Pray for opportunities to share of our hope in Christ with neighbours in Cabrils and for the women’s monthly Bible study on 1 Peter starting in November.

11th November

Italy Paul Chaftield

November is a busy month for ministries and people begin to get run down.  Pray that I would drink deeply from God’s Word and in prayer in such times so I would be fresh in my spirit, healthy in body and so capable to lead others well.

11th November

Peru Edward & Esme Zarate

We continue to thank God for all He is doing in the lives of the people at the church plant. The Malec family are now on home assignment until mid-February so we are taking on extra responsibilities. Please pray for Esme’s frustrating driving licence renewal. She has done all the medical and psychological tests required and on Friday 11 November she is having her theory test.

12th November

UK Andrew & Jenny Love

Please pray for Andrew and Jenny as they continue to serve in the UK.

12th November

Greece Tim & Nicky Sandell

Please pray for students in Volos as they organise and run their second Christmas evangelistic event. Last years event was such an encouragement! Pray for us to support the students well, for all of us to invite friends, and for people to call on the name of the Lord for salvation. Please pray too as we work towards something similar with students in Larissa in the coming months. 

13th November

Brazil Marcelo & Holly Vieira

Pray for Marcelo and Holly, Evelyn and Olivia as they settle back into life and ministry in Benevides after their home assignment in the States. Pray for the church in Benevides and the Creative Hands team as they reach out to the many needy families. Pray for the urgent need for Marcelo and Holly’s support team to be strengthened.

14th November

France Chrisopher & Laura De La Hoyde

Praise God for relationships with dads growing through football, and some chances to talk about the gospel. Please keep praying for provision with our financial shortfall. Thank God for a good start to the kids’ work at Val d’Europe church plant, and pray for energy, vision and wisdom for Laura leading that, and for real gospel fruit in little hearts.

14th November

Eurasia Lawrence Wilson

Please pray for Lawrence and Melis as they continue to serve in Eurasia.

15th November

Ireland Stephen & Nikki Childs

We are grateful for the baptism of one of our regular attenders on Sept 15. She and her husband are keen to become more involved in the work of the church (he recently started an informal internship involving study and ministry). We also had a great weekend away – there is wonderful warmth among our church family. Pray for recent arrivals to church to be drawn in and for a spiritual dimension to our times together.

15th November

Togo (Appointees) Alex & Wijneke Kanri

We first of all praise God that Alex graduated after 3 years of Bible College in Brussels! We would very much value your prayers for fundraising. Gradually, our support is rising, but we need to continue to look to God for supplying all our needs. In December we will be traveling to the UK, where we will speak to two churches and will visit UFM. Please pray that this will be a blessed time.

16th November

France Ruth McGarvey

16-17 November we are heading off with our students for our autumn retreat. We will be doing discovery Bible studies with students who do not yet know Christ. Please pray for a weekend of safety, fun and community building but also (and most importantly) that the Holy Spirit would convict of sin and that these students would turn to Jesus for forgiveness.

16th November

UK Steve & Rhonda Morris

Steve has returned from spending the month of October in South Asia. 3 workshops completed, a Christian talk on a rooftop coffee shop in Bangalore, meeting up with bikers and a new rammed earth workshop held up north. Pray for lasting spiritual impact on all these outreach ventures.

17th November

Central Asia Ed & Katie Rogers

We are settling back in after a summer away, both boys now in school, adjusting to new daily routines, managing a new office building, the return of our co-team leaders after their year away and the arrival of Ben, our new team-mate. Pray as we register a charity in the UK for the outdoors work here; for upcoming visa renewal and deepening relationships with local Church leaders.

17th November

Ivory Coast Fidel & Yvette Tchoumou

Bible School has restarted with a total of 4 new couples; 1 returning couple and 2 singles. Pray as they settle in and adjust to being students. Continue to pray for getting the paperwork for the site so we can get on with the wall. Remember the girls with their home schooling. Continue to pray as we now have Phoebe with us as well as Augustine living with us.

18th November

Uganda Bosco & Heidi Bukeera

Pray that we may grow and that commitment to the local church will be realized. Pray that God may raise fellow workers who are like minded and willing to give their all to the work. Pray for our children’s ministry, at the moment we have 40 children. Pray that we may have a committed team to teach them. Pray for evangelistic opportunities during the Christmas season.

18th November

UK Dafydd Job

Please pray for Dafydd as he continues to serve in the UK.

19th November

Moldova/UK (Appointees) Ben & Esther Smith

We are settling in well to life in the Netherlands. We are so thankful to God for the opportunity to study here at Cornerstone Bible College for Mission Training; we feel it will be invaluable preparation for future ministry. Please pray for us as we seek to manage our time well between our studies, involvement in local ministries and caring for little Reuben!

19th November

Moldova Maureen Wise

Pray for us as we consider the choice of another man to join those living in Casa Matei. It is a big decision and a man named Victor is keen to move to us. He has lived in institutions all his life. Pray that we will have wisdom from the Lord. Praise God for all the wonderful opportunities those we support in the houses have had over the last months – including a holiday in Ukraine!

20th November

South Asia Merv & Kim Neal

November is extremely busy with three conferences and much traveling. I will have a national co- trainer for the first time, which is a great leap forward PTL. In December all our house churches have their outreach Christmas celebrations as does our hospital/ main church. Please pray for Holy Spirit anointing, much fruit in changed lives and much praise, glory and honour to go to Christ.

20th November

France Deborah Prisk

Since Église Connexion started 5 years ago, it has held an annual Thanksgiving Celebration in late November. This is a key event in church life, and a key time to invite non-believing friends to church. Please pray for Debs, and other church members, to be bold in inviting friends. Please pray for a clear presentation of the Gospel and for good conversations which point to Jesus around the tables.

21st November

Thailand Tom & Nerys King

Please pray for us over the next few months as we finish up our language studies and begin to get more involved with our future ministries. We feel like we’ve made decent progress with our Thai but there’s still a very very long way to go! Pray that we’d make the most of the remaining months of full-time lessons with our teachers, and that God would continue to give us patience and determination each day!

22nd November

Kenya Laura Sanlon

I would value prayer for the ongoing work at church helping the leaders at the teens programme, the Home Bible Study group every 2nd Tuesday and my ongoing research for training Kenyans. Please pray for the visit of 2 Spanish church  leaders from 22nd – 26th November. Pray for plans to visit a training programme in Cairo, Egypt in November.

22nd November

France Maxime & Demelza Soumagnas

Pray for our church weekend away (22-24 November), for deepening friendships, and that Christians and non-Christians will be challenged and helped by the Bible teaching on connecting with God. Pray for our week of evangelism (9-15 December) finishing with our Christmas service on 15 December. As a church, we will be inviting friends and neighbours into our homes for food and a short talk or testimony to share the Christmas message.

23rd November

Italy Jonathan & Annette Gilmore

Please pray for Jonathan and Annette as they continue to serve in Italy.

24th November

Kenya Kip & Rachel Chelashaw

We are thankful that Rachel’s mum is slowly recovering from heart surgery. Pray for wisdom and good teamwork as we serve in our small local church. Pray that we are effective in discipling the congregation, and reaching our community with the good news of Jesus. Pray for the non-believers we have contact with, that we find opportunities to speak of Christ.

24th November

the Midlands & North Wales UK Home Staff – Northern England Brandon Nelson

Please pray for me as I prepare a seminar for churches called “Hold the Rope” which will be looking at the relationship of local churches and their mission partners. The first place I will be giving it is Avenue Community Church, Leicester (24 November). Not long after that I will be off to Paris to visit UFM missionaries and off to Alabama with Julia and the kids to see family for Christmas.

25th November

Hungary Tamas & Berta Burjan

Tamás lost his secular job as the factory is closing. However, pray for him as he will start a new job soon. Pray for this situation with all its challenges and for God’s wisdom and guidance. Berta too is in search for a new job. Tamás visited his sending church in Wales and received a UFM guest in Hungary back in October. Tamás is sharing in a series leading up to Christmas.

25th November

UK Home Staff – Swindon Office

Give thanks for interviews on 25th November for new long term workers preparing for service in Italy, Romania and Portugal.  Please pray on for our search for new office premises in Swindon to support the growing work and staff team.

26th November

Mission workers in restricted countries

Please pray for our missionaries in difficult circumstances.

27th November

Mission workers in restricted countries

Please pray for our missionaries that are restricted in spreading the Good News – that God would give them the right words and that they would fearlessly make Christ known.

28th November

Italy Andrea & Emanuela Artioli

Please pray for Andrea and Emanuela as they continue to serve in Italy.

28th November

Kenya Martin & Claudia Bussey

Thankful for a refreshing two months of study in the Lake District. (And for healing of the two bones in Claudia’s foot which she broke the day we arrived). November is mainly seeing supporting friends and churches. December more study based in St. Neots, with as many sons and spouses as possible coming to see us over Christmas.

29th November

Spain Jon & Lisa Short

The Lausanne movement has organised a consultation on discipleship in Spain and I have been invited to attend in November. Pray that conversations and reflection would lead to more relational and intentional discipleship within the Church in Spain. Please pray for the Christmas party in mid December – for the students to invite friends and the speaker to clearly explain the reason for the season.

30th November

West Africa David & Liz

We are thankful for continued opportunities to serve. Hopefully in December David will begin teaching in a new programme for pastors travelling from a particular region where it is not possible for missionaries to visit. There are various Bible study and small group opportunities. We’re both involved in ‘English for Everyone’ which includes some Bible discussion, and Liz is involved in an ongoing mum and baby programme. We look forward to some Christmas rest!

30th November

Brazil Inge Bublitz

Praise the Lord for a blessed conference celebrating the 40th anniversary of CEF. It was very tiring but went very well. Pray for my health and the energy and motivation to finish my ministry with CEF by the end of this year.

1st December

Mission workers in restricted countries

Please pray for our missionaries in difficult circumstances.

2nd December

Brazil Paula Harris

Praise the Lord for all the youngsters that have been saved in the prisons, who we are discipling.  At the moment I am working with 5 girls in the prisons who are Christians.  Pray that they will be committed to serving the Lord and for those who have been released, that they would find faithful brothers and sisters in Christ on the outside.  Pray for continued strength in this heat and for wisdom to disciple and evangelise.

2nd December

Ireland (Appointees) Josh & Alaina Richards

Pray for Josh and Alaina as they visit churches and seek to raise their support. Pray that the Lord will encourage them and that churches and Christians will catch the vision they have for their ministry and begin to pray for them and commit to support them. Pray, too, that they will be able to obtain the visas they need.

3rd December

Romania Andrew & Anca Arthur-Worsop

Thank the Lord for sending us students this year to train to be workers in the harvest field. Pray that they have open hearts to learn and their zeal for the Lord’s work grows.  Thank the Lord that we now have half our students from last year on the mission field.  Pray that this year will not be as stressful to us as last year and that the Lord protects Anca and me from burnout.

4th December

UK Home Staff – Northern Ireland David Morrow & Gillian Carson

Rejoice with us at God’s goodness over our autumn conference week. The church leader’s events and evening celebrations were well received. Pray for some new members for our Irish committee as those who have served so faithfully for many years are soon retiring.

4th December

Ireland Huw & Alison Williams

Please pray for us as we continue to build new relationships with the members of Hillside Church and families at the school gate. Pray that we would quickly connect with people and have opportunities to make Jesus known in this small town.

5th December

Mission workers in restricted countries

Please pray for our missionaries in difficult circumstances.

6th December

Mission workers in restricted countries

Please pray for our missionaries that are restricted in spreading the Good News – that God would give them the right words and that they would fearlessly make Christ known.

7th December

Ireland Seth & Jessica Lewis

We are having our second ‘Christmas Café’ event in Carrigtwohill on 7th December, after the success of the first one last year and a similar ‘Easter Café’. The event has an international flavour, with songs, stories, and food from Christmas celebrations around the world, and an emphasis on why Christmas is good news for humanity. Pray that it would again be well-attended, and that God would work in those who come.

7th December

Thailand Johnny & Ann McClean

December 7th we have a joint Christmas outreach with 5 churches and 4 ministries joining together to share the message of Christmas. Please pray for all the preparations, for permission to be given to use a park beside the main market. Please pray for Johnny as he will give the evangelistic message.

8th December

Peru/Ireland Daniel & Ellie Caballero

Pray as Daniel and Ellie do some deputation in the UK and continue to serve in Douglas, Co Cork.

8th December

Malawi Lee & Fai Furney

Pray for Lee & Fai as they work through the application process to secure a permanent visa.  Please pray too for their need of additional supporters to join their support team.

9th December

UK (Xtra Timers) Colin & Heather Doake

We would really value your prayers for us at this time as a family as we make the necessary adjustments that are needed in the days ahead.  Pray for the medical staff as they work to build up Colin’s core strength and get him as mobile as possible.

10th December

Mission workers in restricted countries

Please pray for our missionaries in difficult circumstances.

11th December

South Africa (Associates) Gavin & Elaine Charlton

We praised God in July for provision of a new minibus to transport the children, but we have opposition from “taxi” operators who have warned us that we cannot use it in the rural areas where it is needed. Please pray, for transport for the children and wisdom and strength for us. Praise God we expect our daughter and son in law to join the ministry in the next 2 or 3 months.

11th December

Bulgaria Alesia Yermak

Pray for the seeker Bible studies for international students, pray for good discussions, and for students to respond to the gospel; for the Bible studies for Christian internationals, pray they would continue to grow in knowledge and love of the Lord. Pray for international students returning home in December, pray they would settle back well and continue seeking the Lord and pray for Revive Europe, the IFES conference in December.

12th December

France Emmanuel & Esther Durand

Pray for Emmanuel’s ministry as Elder in his local church at Cognin and also for his teaching at Brussels Bible Institute.  Remember Esther too in her roles as wife and mother and as she serves with Emmanuel in the church.

12th December

France Gethin Jones

Please continue pray for our years-long search for a bigger venue for our services at La Chapelle de Nesle. We also have to vacate our current office by January (the whole building is being shut down). Please pray for a new, more central office that would allow us to be more visible and known in the sixth arrondissement of Paris, and reach even more of our neighbours.

13th December

Sierra Leone James & Andrene Hayton

Due to the non-appearance of government subsidies and internal issues, the hospital is in critical financial difficulties. Please pray that we may guide the management staff to make wise decisions that will provide for a sustainable future. Please pray for strength and humility to show God’s love, mercy, and grace in our work ethic and practice, even when we are hot, frustrated, and tired.

13th December

UK Mark & Becky Pickett

On 13th December I fly with my daughter Sarah, to Nepal for 10 days of ministry, teaching, meeting people to encourage them in discipleship or commend Christ to them. Then the rest of the family will join us for our first visit together since we lived there. Pray for smooth journeys, that we would be a blessing to those we meet, and especially that workers would be equipped to tell the message to the people of Nepal.

14th December

Germany Larry & Sinead Norman

Pray for our youth ministry which is growing, but with growing pains! Pray we can train up and encourage new leaders. Pray for ongoing ministry of the word as Larry preaches through Genesis 1-11, and as we meet with many students/young adults to read the Bible. Pray for Sinead as she seeks to develop a biblical counselling ministry team in the church. Pray for our carol services on 14th and 15th December.

15th December

Sierra Leone Lamin & Jayne Dumbuya

Pray the Christmas gifts we distribute in our children and youth ministries would be a tangible expression of God’s love. Pray for us as we partner again with the Evangelical Presbyterian Church for their annual youth camp 16-20 December. We’ll be responsible for the 10-12 year olds and expect 100-150 of those to attend. Pray for preparations, good opportunities for evangelism and discipleship, and for long-lasting spiritual fruit in the lives of those who attend.

16th December

Thailand Ruth Duffin

Pray for deepening relationships with the students here this semester and for us to make the most of the opportunities presenting at Christmas time. Also, I will come back to the UK at the end of the semester for Christmas and will have my ministry review with UFM on 19th December, so I would value prayers for that too.

16th December

Peru (Appointee) Charles Hart

Pray for Charles in his ongoing studies at Reformed Theological Seminary, Charlotte.

17th December

France Alan & Pat Davey

Thank God for recent encouragements in Bordeaux and for progress in the churches. Please pray for God’s continued provision, enabling, guidance, grace and forgiveness for all who serve here. Also pray that the word of God will grow in the hearts, lives, homes and streets of Bordeaux.

18th December

Brazil Jo McMillen

November and December I will be based in Newport with one of my sending churches.  Pray that it would be a good time reconnecting and serving with them.  I will be speaking at a number of Christmas events, pray that I would speak clearly as I present the wonders of the gospel message and that God would be at work.  I continue to study a biblical counselling module, pray that I would learn much through this.

19th December

Ireland James & Julia McMaster

I am delighted to write that I have re-started my school’s work and, so far, it has been going well. Please pray for the children that the good seed of God’s Word would germinate and that a desire to live for the Lord would be ignited within their young lives.

20th December

Uganda Susanna Clarke

Praise God for all the things the Treasures children have been able to learn this school term, and that their physiotherapy continued smoothly while I was in the UK.  Pray for the children who are at home for the long school holidays (December and January), for them to enjoy this time with their families.  Pray for those with serious medical problems to remain healthy, and for the monthly physio check-up sessions to be well attended.

21st December

France Catrin Davey

Pray for my continued search for a flat, for my internship and studies with the church, that I will have the energy and motivation to keep going! Also pray that I will be able to maintain a good balance between work, studies and rest. Pray for relationships in the church. We have quite a few young girls. Please pray that good friendships will be formed.

21st December

Uganda Becca Jones

We are still waiting for a court date for the adoption hearings. Pray for patience in the waiting. Pray for the prison ministry. This goes out from the hospital every Sunday afternoon. The team are seeing lives changed by the gospel in the prisons. Thank God for this, and pray that the team would be able to disciple the new believers and then be able to link them up with local churches when they are released.

22nd December

Ireland David & Wilma Murphy

Thank God for approval of mortgage application. Pray for provision of suitable house for family in area. Pray for outreach opportunities of children’s club and carol service.

23rd December

Mission workers in restricted countries

Please pray for our missionaries that are restricted in spreading the Good News – that God would give them the right words and that they would fearlessly make Christ known.

24th December

Peru David & Bertha Barnes

Please pray for David and Bertha as they continue to serve in Peru.

25th December

UFM Mission Family

Please remember all our mission family around the world as we celebrate the birth of our Saviour. Pray for those far from loved ones that they would know the joy of the Lord as their strength.

26th December

Croatia Daniel Brooks

In June I finished my degree in Theology at Moorlands College, summer was restful and my 4 week internship in Ohio resulted in major support in prayer, finance and friendship resulting in me being fully supported!! Prayers for finances to reach the correct accounts, visa application and acceptance, language learning even now, and preparation in many ways as I seek to leave for Croatia in February. What an adventure this is!

27th December

France Susan Gnadou Zabo (nee Buchan)

Over the New Year (starting on Dec 27th), 3,000 students and staff will gather in Germany to be equipped in evangelism, hear stories of God at work and to learn from God’s Word. Give thanks for the 60+ participants coming from France especially! Pray that God would speak to our hearts while we gather from 40 different nations and that God would Revive our hearts, our universities and our continent!

27th December

France (Appointees) Paul & Abby Helms

Please pray for the follow-up to a bilingual camp outreach during the Fall break that Abby participated in as well as several discipleship and evangelism opportunities that Paul has started to have with R and J. Pray for language learning to continue to progress for both Abby and Paul and the kids.

28th December

Mission workers in restricted countries

Please pray for our missionaries that are restricted in spreading the Good News – that God would give them the right words and that they would fearlessly make Christ known.

29th December

UFM Worldwide (USA) Staff Team Laura Danner

Pray for Laura as she administers UFM USA alongside her ministry at Briarwood Church and her care of her elderly mother. Give thanks for enquiries from new contacts interested in joining UFM USA. Pray, too, for a number of missionary families who need additional support.

29th December

UFM Worldwide (USA) Staff Team Melissa Walker & Denise Hamilton

Pray for Melissa and Denise as they handle the day-to-day finances at the US office. We are thankful for the growing number of missionaries and donations. Please pray for daily strength and wisdom for Melissa and Denise. Pray, too, for Melissa’s husband George who recently went to the Bahamas with an emergency medical team to help people affected by Hurricane Dorian.

30th December

UK Richard & Terece Dilworth

Pray for Richard and Terece as they settle into life in Reading and adjust to their new pattern of living and ministry.

30th December

Bulgaria Matthew Leung

Give thanks for being able to settle in quickly with the culture and weather and for such a wonderful and encouraging team of brothers and sisters to be working with this year. Pray that God will continue to connect people to BCSU.

31st December

Greece Jonathan & Dawn Clark

Please pray for the Bible handling training that Jonathan will be running in various cities through the winter. The aim is to help students study the Bible with confidence so that they find Christ and his grace in their reading, and begin to develop tools to encourage others to do the same. Please also pray for our fundraising efforts for the future growth of the movement, and that we will find potential interns and new staff.

31st December

UK (Xtra Timer) Doreen Sharp

I have found not driving quite a challenge and am finding it difficult to walk. So, I’m learning lessons through being dependent on others. I have help in getting around and to church by family and friends and have a pavement scooter to get to the shops. I am looking forward to the birth of my third great grandson in April.

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