Chelashaw News, August 2017

Dear Friends,

After months of preparing for ministry in Nairobi, we are delighted to have booked our tickets! We fly out on 30th August and will be sending our car, books and household items before that. Thank you so much to those who have prayed and given so generously to support us. We have been amazed time and again by the Lord’s wonderful provision, even in the smaller matters such as getting Kenyan passports. Rachel and Bethany will apply for theirs in Kenya, but the rest of the family are officially Kenyan! We are now busy preparing what we need to take with us and would ask prayer for the shipping and importing of our goods into Kenya.

May the Lord use your prayers and our faithful witness to Christ to help the Kenyan church

Chelashaws at a supporting church in Cumbria

Over the last few weeks we have really enjoyed visiting friends, family and supporting churches around the country. We recently had a commissioning service at Emmanuel Church Southgate in North London and had a special goodbye and commissioning service at our church in East Dean.

As we move to Nairobi, please pray that we would maintain a close walk with the Lord, so that we can be effective ambassadors for Christ. Pray too for our children, at this time of upheaval, change and saying goodbye. May we be patient and joyful with them and may their security and peace be in Jesus Christ.

We recently heard the following quote from someone who has lived in Nairobi: “Many have become so disillusioned by the mile wide, inch deep hypocritical and corrupt faith that if they were not apathetic about Christianity they were aggressively anti-Christianity to the point of anger.” May the Lord use your prayers and our faithful witness to Christ to help the Kenyan church be a light to the nations. As the elections approach, on 8th August, please pray that Kenyan Christians would remember their identity in Christ above all else, and so commend the Prince of Peace by their unity.

Elijah prepared for the upcoming upheaval!

Finally, please pray for Kip’ and his family as they are currently mourning the loss of a close relative.

Many thanks, and may the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with you all.

– Kip’, Rachel, Elijah, Ezra, Susanna and Bethany