Susan Gnadou-Zabo

France is the 5th country that welcomes the most international students in the world. Students mostly come from countries where the gospel is either prohibited or limited.

Focus on… France

France, the birthplace of John Calvin, saw a glorious revival in the mid-16th century with Calvin and others in Geneva training and sending thousands of pastors to evangelise and plant churches in France, and hundreds of thousands being converted.

An inconvenient conversation

I pushed our driveway gate open and groaned inwardly as I saw our elderly neighbour approaching. He is new to the area, has time on his hands and likes to talk, but I was already running late.

Our Christian Union was suddenly empty

Six of us were huddled over a blank canvas. One of us had stayed up late the night before to sketch a basic calendar for the year ahead. Every little box for every day of the year represented an opportunity – an opportunity to do our job and to reach the campus for Christ.

Pray For Paris, For Lagny, For France

On the night of 13 November 2015, as all our screens filled with the terrors of the attacks on the Bataclan, Paris restaurant terraces and the area around the Stade de France, our social media screens began to fill with one phrase: “Pray for Paris.”

Paradise Lost?

Bordeaux is one of the most agreeable towns in the world to live in. You should be very happy to live here. You are in Paradise.” Such was the rather effusive praise that designer Philippe Starck gave to the city when he visited recently.

Ruth McGarvey

Originally from Cookstown in County Tyrone, N.Ireland, Ruth became a Christian when she was 4 years old.