What’s it like…starting a church from scratch?

I remember the day last year when I realised that the ongoing pandemic restrictions would end up scrapping every one of our carefully crafted plans for outreach events in our community, where we have been working for the last three years towards starting a new church.

Focus on…Ireland

Ireland can be a confusing place: one island, but two jurisdictions (with an invisible border); Irish (Gaelic) is the first official language yet almost no-one speaks it regularly; we are fiercely proud of our native sports (Gaelic football and hurling) but you may see more teenagers wearing Premier League football shirts.

Daniel and Ellie Caballero

Northern Ireland has a high percentage of evangelicals, but the Republic of Ireland has one of the lowest evangelical populations in all of Europe - around 0.5 percent.

A Light Shines in Carrigtwohill

Imagine a growing town with schools, shops, industries, clubs, sports and everything else a modern town ought to have, except for one thing: a church that faithfully proclaims the gospel. Imagine a town that has in fact never had an evangelical church in it, even though it has a very long history.

James and Julia McMaster

James & Julia work in the Republic of Ireland with the Calvary Mission which has the dual aim to plant churches and to facilitate and encourage more missionaries to labour in the west of Ireland.