We offer placements for Bible College students to serve alongside one of our mission partners around the world

We will work with you in putting together a flexible package that fits your college/course requirements – for example youth and children’s work, worship, preaching, and evangelism.

Opportunities are available in South America, Africa, Europe, and Asia. Possible placements include Thailand, Nicaragua, and Ireland. New opportunities continue to open so please ask for new details.


Each year UFM offers a number of bursaries to assist students in the cost of undertaking an overseas cross-cultural placement with UFM mission partners.

Bursary funds of up to £250 for European placements and up to £500 for world-wide placements can be allocated towards the cost of flights and/or accommodation. Students awarded a bursary will be asked to prepare a written report on their placement experience.


Contact us on 01793 610515 or email go@ufm.org.uk for more information. Alternatively, fill out our First Contact Form.


Sharing God’s grace in South Africa