Training for Thailand’s Remotest Church Leaders

Somphon and her mother received a tract in a nearby city and became Christians – the first in their village. Somphon’s husband, a rice farmer who struggles to read, soon followed. Concerned for their village, the family built a simple church on their farmland and invited neighbours and friends to hear the Good News.

Building That Will Last

The Wild Atlantic Way is (in the words of the tourist board) an “unforgettable coastal touring route” that takes tourists along the West Coast of Ireland “to enjoy breathtaking scenery and exceptional experiences”.

There Was No-one To Take Care Of Me

We work in a small, insignificant country which is officially the poorest country in Europe. It has somehow fallen off the map of the world and its name is regularly air-brushed from newspaper and TV maps  of the area – it is most usually pictured as an un-named country.

An update on the work of UFM

As we begin another new year, it’s such a joy to know that we invest together in something that will last, we partner together in something that all of history points towards and we serve together knowing our labour is not in vain!

Our Early Days in Turkey

In April 2016, we arrived in Istanbul to spend two years focusing on learning the Turkish language and culture with the longer-term plan of working alongside a national church in a smaller city elsewhere in the country.

Teaching Theology, Training Pastors in Kenya

The film ‘Out of Africa’ begins with Karen Blixen’s words, “I have a farm at the foot of the Ngong Hills”. Well, I work at what used to be three farms at the foot of the Ngong Hills: Africa International University has a beautiful 50 acre campus some 15 miles from the centre of Nairobi, Kenya.

Joys and Struggles

We arrived in Kurdistan 10 months ago with a commitment to learning the local dialect of Kurdish and understanding the culture. This was with the aim that we might be equipped to share the good news about Jesus Christ, disciple believers and, under God’s hand, see Kurdish churches planted for his glory: churches with mature believers, reaching out with the gospel, discipling new believers and seeking to be a blessing to the wider culture.

A New Culture!

After a few years in northern Italy, we have moved ‘home’ to Sicily. Here I grew up, here my parents laboured. Palermo is the 2018 Italian ‘Capital of Culture’. And what a feast of richness in this city, capital of Sicily, with over 1 million inhabitants in the metropolitan area, defined by many as ‘the most conquered’ of world cities.