Raheem meets Jesus

Raheem had nothing particular preying on his mind. He was a successful engineer from a well-respected, traditional religious family and felt no reproach for the way he had lived his life. Yet sleep eluded him.

Holding Our Nerve

In Rico Tice’s book ‘Honest Evangelism,’ he talks about ‘the pain line’, the point in the conversation where we move from topics that are socially acceptable – the sport, home improvements or our next holiday – and into territory that’s much less comfortable: to speak about our faith in Jesus.

Why We Talk to Muslims on the Street

Twenty seven years ago we knocked on doors in a street in France, to share the gospel. A conversation with one man led on to Bible studies. Next week we will see this man in Paris: a keen believer whose journey to faith started in that doorway.

What’s it Like … When your Parents are Mission Workers?

Last year, the number of UFM children reached almost 160! The term Third Culture Kid (TCK) has been coined to describe children who spend some of their formative years outside their parents’ culture. They build relationships with both cultures, without fully owning either, and often identify most with other TCKs. This is one reason children in the UFM family love our Summer Conference. They feel they have met their ‘own tribe’!