Ministering to the Arab community in London and the Middle East

Adapting to life at Uni

What are some of the highs and lows about going to a university back in your home country as a TCK? Rosalind interviews Jon about the challenges of coming to the UK for university after completing his schooling on another continent.

Kurdish redemption legend builds bridge to Jesus

While you may not meet Kurds at the school gate, you might find a Kurdish ‘Traditional Turkish Barber’ on the UK high street who will set fire to your ears to remove unwanted hair for a princely sum! £14 a cut sounds a lot in recession-hit Iraq and tens of thousands are risking a perilous journey for these economic opportunities in the UK. Rob* asks: how do we connect with these people?

The fight of our lives

Many of us have grown up only ever knowing peacetime … yet God says, we are at war. We follow Jesus, the Prince of Peace, yet he calls us to fight. And the battle that rages is not just for a time – no, it’s the fight of our lives. Michael Prest, Director of UFM Worldwide, shares his thoughts.