Let me give you a flavour of my ministry, as I take you with me through a day at Kairos Mission School in Romania. I live and serve here with my wife, Anca, and daughters, Chloe (6) and Emily (3).

It is Monday morning and I get up to send out the daily prayer points. Anca did some research on the persecuted church in Vietnam last night, translating it into Romanian, and I also send out prayer points from a Romanian mission worker; today, a family serving in the jungles of Peru.

After sending these on WhatsApp, Signal and Telegram, we rush through a family breakfast, so I can drive our daughters into the city for school. When I get back at 8:30am, I will be leading a devotional with the students. I appreciate this time in worship and the Word each morning.

Serving and sharing

After a cup of coffee, we start class. This week I will be continuing my Bible Overview, teaching the students how the whole of Scripture is a story of God’s unfolding salvation plan, pointing to our need for Christ.

They have had all weekend to read and think about the passage, Exodus 19, 20 & 24. I lead them in exploring how the story of the Exodus makes clear our need for Christ and shows us what He will do. As always, we are lost in discussion until a knock at the door: Anca reminds me that it is midday and I need to collect the children from school.

One of the highlights of my day is the drive back with Chloe telling me all about school; Emily, as usual, tells us that she did nothing at kindergarten!

Once home, our family joins the students for our midday meal. Today Valentin and Mlădița are also joining us. They are leaders of the Kairos Association, whom I serve alongside. This afternoon they will be preparing parcels for the refugee camp nearby.

Today I won’t be able to participate. The first part of the Doctrine of Suffering course is starting, and I need to continue teaching. It is so important for the students to learn why Christians suffer, so that when the inevitable day comes on the mission field, they are prepared.

“It is a great privilege to have a life that is full of ministry and opportunities to serve our Lord.”

This evening I will be active in my other ministry, as a teaching Elder at our local church. We are studying the Gospel of John, with our brothers in the church, trying to help them learn how to study the Bible and to work out the main message of the passage. We are praying that we will be able to train up new preachers for the church.

On Friday, instead of classes, we might have street evangelism in the city or nearby village, or, outside of term time, we are on mission trips to other towns or even neighbouring countries. It is a great privilege to have a life that is full of ministry and opportunities to serve our Lord.


Andy and Anca Worsop work in mission training in Romania.