As we begin another new year, it’s such a joy to know that we invest together in something that will last, we partner together in something that all of history points towards and we serve together knowing our labour is not in vain!

‘… and with your blood you purchased for God persons from every tribe and language and people and nation.’ Revelation 5:9.

There’s so much to be thankful for as we look back over the past year at UFM, and much to pray about as we look ahead.

I hope this short summary of what’s going on across the UFM family will be an encouragement for you and a spur to continue in prayer.

1. God is raising up workers for his harvest fields

18 long-term missionaries joined UFM in 2018. They will be serving in areas such as; church planting in France, Ireland & Uganda, and evangelism in Central Asia and Croatia.

UFM now serves 175 long- term missionaries, sent from  90 gospel-hearted churches.

In 2019 we are relaunching our short-term mission opportunities to better serve churches, including a new cross-cultural ministry training programme and a partnership with UCCF’s Relay Homestart programme for people serving short-term in student ministry in Europe.

Give thanks:

  • That God has been raising up workers for his harvest fields.
  • For partner churches willing and eager to send workers cross-culturally.
  • For a new partnership with UCCF’s Relay Homestart programme.
  • For a number of staff appointments to better support the growing work.

Please pray:

  • That as missionary numbers grow our relationships with sending churches and missionaries will stay close and strong.
  • For wisdom as we continue to work on strengthening our support structures to accommodate the growth and build capacity for the future.
  • Particularly for new office space for the Swindon team.
  • For God to go on raising up workers for his harvest fields, particularly in areas where there is very little, if any, opportunity to hear the gospel.

2. The gospel is making progress

UFM missionaries are committed to making disciples of all nations, loving people in actions and in truth, believing that God’s Word taught in the power of the Holy Spirit changes lives.

Much of the fruit of the work that UFM missionaries are involved in won’t be seen until eternity, yet we have the joy of seeing snippets of what God is doing in people’s lives.

Give thanks for:

  • A young lady who recently came to faith and was baptised in Eurasia, in a country where less than 0.1% are evangelical Christians. She was first contacted by a UFM worker seven years ago who was giving out flyers for a student English conversation club.
  • A new French church launched in Bordeaux in September 2018.
  • Not infrequent reports of conversions over this last year in places such as Greece, Ireland, Middle East, Kenya and France.
  • Over 1,000,000 scripture portions linked to the 100Fold project that were downloaded in Muslim majority countries in 2018. Over 300,000 of these were opened and read for at least 10 minutes.

Please pray for:

  • A fledgling church among a people in the Middle East, the first in that city that is in the local language.
  • Open hearts among the least reached people in parts of the world where there are very few believers and where UFM missionaries are serving – Middle East, Central Asia, South Asia, SE Asia, Eastern Europe.
  • For those involved in early church planting efforts in various parts of France, Uganda, Ireland, Kenya and Italy, for perseverance and open doors of opportunity.
  • For those UFM missionaries facing significant times of trial – a number with cancer, some with family issues, others feeling the burdens of ministry heavily in challenging places.

3. The mission movement is a global movement

The UFM missionary family now includes people from 27 different nationalities sent by churches in six different countries. Over the coming year we hope to consider how best to support the development of our small office in the USA, as well as learning more about emerging mission movements in the majority world.

Give thanks for:

  • UFM missionaries serving to support a new mission movement in East Asia.
  • Organic growth in the work of UFM USA and for the churches in the USA who are interested in our model of mission.

Please pray for:

  • Wisdom in thinking over how best to engage with emerging mission movements in the majority world.
  • Cross-cultural sensitivity within the UFM family.

Thank you for your partnership in the work. What a joy to serve together!

Do look out for a few changes in our communications over the coming year – all of which we hope will serve you more effectively. A new prayer calendar will be launched for the March-April issue, combining the existing Prayer Calendar and Prayer Diary. You’ll also notice a new look to 4 Corners magazine from the next edition in May.

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With very warm greetings in Christ,

Michael Prest