Myanmar is a country in South East Asia, previously known as Burma. It is hot and humid, with a monsoon season, and is known for its friendly people and stunning natural landscapes. The country is covered with grand golden pagodas and has a long rich history.

Adoniram and Ann Judson are known as the USA’s first overseas mission workers and they had their hearts set on coming to Myanmar. They endured unbelievable hardships and served tirelessly for many years before they even saw one convert. Through their work, the Bible was first translated into Burmese and it is this translation that is still used in most Burmese speaking churches today.

Myanmar was a British colony for many years and you can still see the old colonial buildings in the downtown area of Yangon. When Myanmar was eventually granted independence the military took it over and it became a socialist state. The people endured 50 years of military rule and they continue to struggle to overcome this legacy. There are various bloody civil wars still being fought in some parts of the country.

Myanmar is a strongly Buddhist country, with 87.9% being Buddhist and 6.2% Christian. Most of these Christians are from smaller ethnic groups which, since the days of Myanmar’s first mission workers, were open to the gospel message. The largest ethnic race is the Barmar. They remain strongly Buddhist and face persecution from both their families and their communities if they convert to Christianity.

Myanmar has become susceptible to the prosperity gospel with one such preacher preaching that true Christians won’t get the COVID-19 virus. What Myanmar Christians need is real, Bible-based preaching, but also for people to get alongside the local pastors and disciple them, so that they learn to handle the Word of God correctly and truthfully.

Please pray …
• for Bible-based preaching, and for people to get alongside local pastors and disciple them, so that they learn to handle the Word of God correctly and truthfully
• for the gospel to reach people from all ethnic groups, including the strongly Buddhist, and that their hearts would be open to Christ
• for those believers facing terrible persecution and harassment
• for justice and peace for ethnic minorities, and help for a country affected by war and natural disasters.