Mission partners in Bordeaux are seeking a French-speaking individual or a couple to work with them as a community outreach worker as part of a new French church plant.

Bordeaux has almost 1 million inhabitants but very few French-speaking evangelical churches.  Maxime & Demelza Soumagnas are praying for a committed team to join them in launching a French church service in 2022. They are seeking to build an outsider-friendly church, deeply rooted in the local area, building friendships with people of all backgrounds, to proclaim Christ to the people of Bordeaux.


One of their key convictions is to focus on people, not programmes. As such, they are not primarily expecting this individual/couple to establish initiatives, but rather to love God, love their neighbour and live in the neighbourhood as a faithful Christian.


The role of Community Outreach Worker is therefore a flexible role with three key aspects:

  • Local evangelism (such as intentionally seeking opportunities to get to know local people, working as a team to witness as a community of believers)
  • Training Christians (e.g. reading the Bible 1:1, teaching/speaking at events, teaching students & children)
  • Personal growth (in administration, language, cultural adaptation)


For more information, please email the Personnel Team at UFM Worldwide.