Celebrating ten years of OneHundredFold

The man was very upset by the 12-minute gospel presentation and clicked on the instant chat to contact us. He was from a country closed to gospel work, where we were able to deliver this gospel film to locals on their phones.

The man used the chat function to talk to a trained Christian worker. This evangelist patiently answered the man’s angry questions. In a few days, they saw the anger turn to amazement as the man came to believe in the living Jesus. He was so excited that he travelled miles to his home village to share what he had found with his family so that those he loved could meet Jesus as well.

In 2012, UFM recognised the calling the Lord had given Kate and I to start a ministry called OneHundredFold. We wanted to redeem technology – especially mobile phones – to reach the world with the gospel and see God’s kingdom grow across the globe.

“We wanted to redeem technology to reach the world with the gospel.”

From the early days of just Kate and I starting with a dream to serve the Lord, a team of ten full-time faith-supported workers and over 25 volunteers has been raised up for this digital ministry, as well as over 125 organisations with whom we partner.

As we reflect on what the Lord has done, we are humbled to be a part of his great work to seek and save the lost. We hope you will be encouraged as well.

Mobiles and mustard seeds

Over 5 million people have been given access to the Scriptures, most of those in closed countries. Most received this on their mobile phones – some (more than 350,000) through Mustard Seed micro-SD cards* and others (more then 450,000) through a download to their phone. The other 4 million were able to see Scripture on their phone and chat with a Christian worker in their language.

When we look back, we see that there were many thousands of those live chats. Combined with other digital gospel presentations, more than 30,000 people were offered a clear gospel message in their language. Of those who received the gospel, we know of just over a thousand people who made professions of faith.

However, our work does not stop with getting access to Scripture and the gospel, but continues with helping partners to disciple new believers and train Christian workers and pastors. So far, we know of more than 6,000 people who have been trained for the kingdom.

This training and discipling work is growing rapidly. Last week we shipped 500 Mustard Seed chips to a ministry partner who disciples new believers from a Muslim background. 

There are 2,000 more chips being prepared now with resources for pastors in Mandarin Chinese, and just days ago we received a request for 500 Mustard Seeds with Arabic discipleship resources. 

How you can help

We invite you to join with us in this work. Firstly, please pray for us and the opportunities the Lord gives us to serve him. Secondly, you can volunteer to serve in OneHundredFold. All techies welcome and we have many roles for non-techies too. Finally, you can support the work or even sponsor a Mustard Seed through Project Seed Sower. Find out more at 100fold.org

Thank you for faithfully praying for us and encouraging us these first ten years. We look forward to seeing what the Lord plans to do in the next ten!

*Mustard Seed micro-SD cards contain the Scripture and Bible teaching – see 100fold.org


Ed and Kate serve with OneHundredFold in digital publishing and internet ministry