UFM USA is growing

UFM in the USA (UFM Worldwide (USA)) was first established in August 2013 with an office in Birmingham, Alabama. The OneHundredFold team had become part of UFM in 2012, and we needed to provide the services our mission workers who are American citizens required.

I wasn’t cut out for mission

‘Would you ever consider going abroad to be, you know, ... a missionary?’ Two years ago, if you had challenged with me with that question, I would probably have just laughed.

Our Christian Union was suddenly empty

Six of us were huddled over a blank canvas. One of us had stayed up late the night before to sketch a basic calendar for the year ahead. Every little box for every day of the year represented an opportunity – an opportunity to do our job and to reach the campus for Christ.

Holding Our Nerve

In Rico Tice’s book ‘Honest Evangelism,’ he talks about ‘the pain line’, the point in the conversation where we move from topics that are socially acceptable – the sport, home improvements or our next holiday – and into territory that’s much less comfortable: to speak about our faith in Jesus.

Ben & Liz Griffin

Two-thirds of the world’s population have mobile devices. In Burkina Faso, 14 million (out of 20 million) have mobile phones. How can we take advantage and make the message mobile?

What’s it Like … When your Parents are Mission Workers?

Last year, the number of UFM children reached almost 160! The term Third Culture Kid (TCK) has been coined to describe children who spend some of their formative years outside their parents’ culture. They build relationships with both cultures, without fully owning either, and often identify most with other TCKs. This is one reason children in the UFM family love our Summer Conference. They feel they have met their ‘own tribe’!

An update on the work of UFM

As we begin another new year, it’s such a joy to know that we invest together in something that will last, we partner together in something that all of history points towards and we serve together knowing our labour is not in vain!

Our Early Days in Turkey

In April 2016, we arrived in Istanbul to spend two years focusing on learning the Turkish language and culture with the longer-term plan of working alongside a national church in a smaller city elsewhere in the country.

Joys and Struggles

We arrived in Kurdistan 10 months ago with a commitment to learning the local dialect of Kurdish and understanding the culture. This was with the aim that we might be equipped to share the good news about Jesus Christ, disciple believers and, under God’s hand, see Kurdish churches planted for his glory: churches with mature believers, reaching out with the gospel, discipling new believers and seeking to be a blessing to the wider culture.