Can God use AI?

... we asked a different question: “Can AI be used to advance the gospel?” Read more ...

How to develop emotional support

Mental health is a familiar term to us all now, being particularly spoken about during this pandemic. We can see evidence of emotional distress around us in the community and our church family is not immune to these pressures. Mary Hodson suggests some ways to care for your mission workers.

Relaunching Operation Centurion

In Luke 7 we read of a Roman centurion in Capernaum whom the Jewish elders warmly commended to Jesus. They told him, “He loves our nation and has built our Synagogue.” Jesus commended the man’s faith and healed his servant. This incident provides the inspiration for UFM’s Operation Centurion ministry.

Honouring the past as we look to the future

This week Ruairidh MacLean, Area Director in Scotland, told us of a lady who had been a UFM supporter for ‘quite some time.’ Miss Buchanan, 106, had supported UFM since its inception in 1931!

Helping TCKs cope with transition

Transitions are a normal part of human experience, but for TCKs and their families they tend to happen quite often and be major cross cultural transitions.

UFM USA is growing

UFM in the USA (UFM Worldwide (USA)) was first established in August 2013 with an office in Birmingham, Alabama. The OneHundredFold team had become part of UFM in 2012, and we needed to provide the services our mission workers who are American citizens required.