Insights direct from mission workers, staff and guests.

How can the local church be more involved in mission sending? What role should the church in the West play in sending in the future? How can we serve ‘better’ not ‘bigger’ in our ministries? 

These are just some of the conversations we have had on the 4Corners podcast. Launched in 2022, the podcast seeks to engage discussion about the latest issues and trends in cross-cultural mission, with a variety of guests. 

In this first season we have chatted to JD Payne (Professor of Christian Ministry at Samford University), Michael Prest (Director of UFM Worldwide), Seth Lewis and Grace Njuguna (UFM mission partners), and Ardi Wiriadinata (Director of MIssion at the Asia Pacific Baptist Federation), and have covered topics as varied as the biblical theology of mission, contrasting church cultures, and how to ‘dream small’.

Perhaps you are a church leader, a supporter of one of our mission partners, or are just generally interested in what God is doing in his world through cross-cultural mission? We hope you will find our conversations engaging.

Listen online on our website or search for 4Corners Podcast wherever you get your podcasts.