Kamran’s* life was in danger. He made his way across the border from Iran to Pakistan – sometimes on foot, at other times on motorbike – hiding in caves all day and travelling by night so as not to risk being spotted.

Finally, he made it across the border, but even then he couldn’t relax. He remained in hiding, knowing that if he was found, he would be returned back to Iran and persecuted. After a year, he managed to get a fake passport and fled to Spain, sleeping in city parks. By then, not only had he totally lost his faith in Islam, but also in God.


Daily bread in Spain


Every morning by 4am, feeling hungry, he would wake to the enticing smell from a nearby bakery. Seeing him stare at the fresh buns through the window, the owner took pity and gave him some. This became a daily ritual and the baker told him of a local church where he could find free food.

Kamran is my brother. Eventually, he moved to the USA, but came to the UK to visit us. By this point, he was searching for the truth and was interested in Christianity. As we talked, he would say, “Surely there is no God, otherwise he would not have done this to our family.” But he often talked about the baker in Spain, remembering how kind he was to feed him every day, expecting nothing in return.

One night he cried out to God, “If you are there, help me to know the truth.” By the morning, he was a new man – he had met the Lord in a dream!

Kamran often talked about the baker, remembering how kind he was to feed him, expecting nothing in return

My ministry to Iranians in South Wales

I am the leader of an Iranian Christian outreach ministry in South Wales. Saved by the grace of God, I come from a Muslim background; miraculously, my whole family have come to know the Lord too. Our ministry here began around 1995 as a prayer group formed by a small number of people from different fellowships in Swansea, Wales. Around 1999, we took the step of faith to expand this work by taking a name, ‘Noor’, which means ‘light’ in Arabic and Persian, and by having regular, open meetings where we invite those who have never heard the good news of our Lord Jesus Christ.

We want to thank God for all he has done over these years. Our open meetings, which are attended by around 150-200 people, comprise worship, sharing the gospel and teaching – with translation into Farsi – followed by a meal.

I wonder how many people were impacted by that baker and if he ever found out …

Many of those who visit us are very lonely people, who feel isolated in this foreign land. Their hearts are often touched by seeing the reality of Christian love and acceptance. These meetings enable them to hear the gospel of Jesus (usually for the first time) and to have fellowship with Christians from their own culture.

I wonder how many people were impacted by that baker and if he ever found out that his kindness and silent witness led Kamran (and maybe others) to cry out to God and find the truth. Our prayer is that we also will be tools in God’s hand, to lead people to him. Please keep on praying for the Iranian Christian Outreach and for the Lord to provide for our every need.

*Names have been changed


Fari is available to speak at churches about this ministry. Contact UFM for more information. 

Fari serves in church ministry and outreach among Iranians in the UK