UFM in the USA (UFM Worldwide (USA)) was first established in August 2013 with an office in Birmingham, Alabama. The OneHundredFold team had become part of UFM in 2012, and we needed to provide the services our mission workers who are American citizens required.

OneHundredFold is a UFM ministry developing innovative technology to support the church in evangelistic outreach as well as pastoral training.

The encouragement and help of the late Tom Cheely – the then Missions Director at Briarwood Presbyterian Church, Alabama – and other professional people in that church, played a vital role in establishing UFM USA.

From the beginning, two Christian ladies from Briarwood Church, who knew the OneHundredFold team, volunteered to help us, and they have really taken UFM to their hearts.

Laura Danner, who until recently was on the staff at Briarwood, became our Administrative Officer. She ensures we comply with all our legal and financial obligations.

Melissa Walker – whose husband, George, serves regularly as a doctor on Samaritan’s Purse emergency teams – took responsibility for our accounts. More recently she has been joined by Denise Hamilton, who brings excellent skills to the team as she assists Melissa.

This mainly volunteer team ensures that UFM USA is an efficient and caring mission with the same ethos as UFM Worldwide.

And UFM USA is growing! There are now 25 mission workers: 15 members of the OneHundredFold team and 5 couples in Brazil, France, Ireland and Central Asia. We are also in touch with others who may apply soon.

In addition, we are able to receive donations from Christians and churches in the USA who are supporting 21 ministries undertaken by UK mission workers. The total income received at the US office in the last financial year exceeded $500,000.

We are grateful to the Lord for his faithfulness in establishing and blessing UFM USA. We are looking to him to guide us for the future as we consider growing the staff team in the USA. Please pray for Laura, Denise and Melissa and for the UFM USA Board.