How do you survive financially in mission?

We’d never had to ask anyone for money. Tom had been working as a teacher for 8 years. Nerys was a community mental health nurse. We were comfortable financially. We’d saved up for a mortgage and bought a house. We enjoyed being able to give to church and other ministries without having to worry, and we loved having enough to go on holiday during the summer.

Johnny and Ann McClean

Thailand means Land of the Free, but with social inequality, corruption and people trafficking hiding behind the famous Thai smile, many people feel trapped

Encouraging and Equipping Thai Christians to Reach International Students

Every Tuesday lunchtime at a university in central Bangkok, a small group of students meets together. They study the Bible, share and pray together and talk about how they can live for Christ on their campus. These students are not Thai, instead they come from Indonesia, the Philippines, Myanmar, China and Germany and they use English as they meet. They are part of a growing number of internationals coming to study at Thai universities.

Tom and Nerys King

1 in 4 people living in Pattaya work in the sex industry – the overwhelming majority forced to do so by poverty or trafficking.