Anya Serdyuk

Nicaragua is the poorest country in Central America and the second poorest in the Western Hemisphere. It has widespread unemployment and access to basic services is a challenge.

Ténébou and Bethan Manga

In Senegal’s southern region of the Casamance, far too many people are unable to access compassionate, quality health care.

John and Anne Goodwin

85% of Italy’s 8000 districts have no evangelical church. Some of these are cities of up to 50,000 people.

The virus has brought the Bible to Turkish people

Complete curfew here in Turkey started on Easter Sunday. The only people I could visit were those in my own building. So I brought Easter gifts to three families. This has led to a closer relationship with them, and I was thrilled to receive some freshly baked bread from one.

There Was No-one To Take Care Of Me

We work in a small, insignificant country which is officially the poorest country in Europe. It has somehow fallen off the map of the world and its name is regularly air-brushed from newspaper and TV maps  of the area – it is most usually pictured as an un-named country.

Andy and Anca Worsop

I moved to Romania 4 years  ago because I believed God had put it in my heart to serve there as a missionary.

Marcelo and Holly

Marcelo came to know the Lord in his hometown of Assis, Brazil in his early twenties. Holly grew up in Virginia, where she accepted the Gospel at age five. They married in 2010 and worked with a ministry serving families in at-risk communities in southern Brazil.

Lamin and Jayne Dumbaya

Sierra Leone faces significant spiritual & physical challenges, but - praise God - there are many opportunities to show and share the message of Christ with others.