Olivia Rigby

When students are displaced among unfamiliar surroundings and a totally new culture, they are in need of community and they are more open to hearing about a new person, Jesus

Emily Wright

With a population of around 1/4 of a million, Bordeaux has only 6 churches – a significant lack of established Christian witness within the city.

I wasn’t cut out for mission

‘Would you ever consider going abroad to be, you know, ... a missionary?’ Two years ago, if you had challenged with me with that question, I would probably have just laughed.

The impact of ‘ordinary’ Bible teaching

You know how certain lessons linger in the memory? I recall a sermon just after I moved to the Midlands to work with Christian Unions. I don’t remember the passage, though it could well have been Mark’s Gospel. Instead of trying to recruit us to follow Jesus by describing how amazing Jesus’ teaching was, the preacher simply wanted us to listen to Jesus’ own words and follow him.

Our Christian Union was suddenly empty

Six of us were huddled over a blank canvas. One of us had stayed up late the night before to sketch a basic calendar for the year ahead. Every little box for every day of the year represented an opportunity – an opportunity to do our job and to reach the campus for Christ.

Catrin Sewall (IFES)

Turin welcomes 14,000 international students studying in English across the city’s universities. The ICT is the only evangelical English-speaking church in the city to reach them.

Joanna Lane (IFES)

Only around 2% of Belgians say they are Christians, with that statistic being much lower amongst the student community

Roxanne Hall (IFES)

Of the 315,000 students studying in Austria, almost one third are internationals, the majority of whom study in Vienna

Lydia Adams

Slovenia has a population of 2 million with 0.1% evangelical Christians (less than 2,000) and almost 90% of municipalities lacking an evangelical presence.

Gareth Evans (IFES)

Over a quarter of the 315,000 students in Austria are international, with nearly 30,000 in Vienna alone. Of these, around 3,000 students are from ten countries most known for persecuting Christians

Ruth Duffin

Thailand is the third most popular destination for international students in South East Asia, hosting over 30,000 foreign students on over 1,000 international programmes taught in English

Heidi Reger (IFES)

Only 1 in 20 people is an evangelical Christian – despite Church tradition, the majority of people do not know the freedom of the gospel

Tim Jackson (IFES)

Only approximately 0.5-1% of the Austrian population are evangelical Christians

Alice Larke (IFES)

Turin, Italy’s fourth biggest city, is a temporary home to over 14,000 international students

Hope Garnish (IFES)

As the only evangelical, English-speaking church in Turin, ICT feels a great responsibility to reach the 14,000 international students studying in English